Men don’t realize exactly how important attitude and confidence is when asking a woman out. Trust me, women don’t want a man who is afraid of his own shadow and acts like a complete weakling when asking her out. She wants a man who projects confidence and strength, a man who will show her that he can look after her.

Attitude and Confidence

Most women have this hidden part of them that wants a man who will look after them, a man who is in control of himself and his surroundings. Oh, society has “evolved” to the point where this is seen as a weakness and women do their best to hide it. But it isn’t a weakness, and don’t make the mistake of thinking it is. Women can look out for themselves just fine, especially from a financial viewpoint. In fact, a lot of women are capable of looking after themselves better than any man can.

What they are really looking for is a man capable of supporting them from an emotional viewpoint. They want a man who is in control, who will curl up with her in the evening and tell her everything will be alright. They want a strong partner, not another sap they will have to take care of.

Guys, if she wanted a kid she had to look after, she would just have one and not date you. So, stop acting like a teenager with his hormones on a rampage. You need to be cool, collected, in control and yet funny and witty at the same time. Even a little arrogance has its place, as long as you temper it with humor.


Approaching Women

When approaching a woman, attitude and confidence will make or break your shot with her. So, if you are paralyzed of walking up to a woman you don’t know and talking to her, then you can wave good-bye to any chance of getting a date. There aren’t many women who will make the first move, and those that do will probably ignore you because you are projecting this image of a trembling leaf.

And don’t use the excuse that you are average looking or that you aren’t loaded. Most women prefer men who make them feel good, even if they aren’t Brad Pitt with a matching bank account. But how is she going to know how you can make her feel if you don’t walk up to her and talk to her.

When approaching a woman for the first time, you also need to understand that probably 70 – 80 percent of the time you won’t be successful. This may have you trembling in your shoes but you need to remember that in most cases it isn’t something personal. She either isn’t looking for anyone at that moment, or she already has someone. It’s nothing against you personally but if you don’t take the plunge then you never know if she’s willing or not.

While most women innately look for approval and will let you down gently, there are some you will catch on a bad day and who will be quite harsh in their rejection. You shouldn’t let it get you down. You need to laugh it off and move on. You can even share the story with your mates and while you may not live it down for a while, it will help you laugh at it and move on.

If you have trouble walking up to women you don’t know and starting up a conversation then you can practice. Go to a public place, like the grocery store or the mall and introduce yourself to as many women as possible until you get over your fear. It could take a day, it could take a week or a month, but you need to do it.

All you need to remember is that you need to project a confident attitude, even if you don’t really feel it, but you need to get over your limiting beliefs, especially the one that says she doesn’t like YOU. We all have bad days, or it’s the wrong time, so you will win some and you will lose some. You just need to brush yourself off and move on.


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