Building a Strong Relationship

When you ask a woman out, take her to dinner and then continue to see her over a period of time, typically the goal is a long term relationship. This isn’t always the goal, of course. Some men only want a one night stand, as do some women. But for the most part, dating is a way to determine if you can build a strong relationship with the other person. But building that relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires communication, work, and it takes telling confidence. Especially if the woman is hot and she has a lot of suitors, you need to be able to stand out to prove to her that you’re the only one for her.


Gifts and Compliments

You would think that it would be a good thing to give a woman gifts and compliments when you are interested in building a strong relationship with her. This can actually backfire, however. When you lavish too much attention, or give her too many compliments, the game is over. There’s no more challenge, no more competition. She can easily have you and that’s usually when they can potentially become bored. Especially hot women. You must stand out and you must do what all other guys in her life aren’t doing.


Listen to Her

The best way to build a stronger relationship with a woman is to ask her about herself and then let her know that you’re not only listening but that you’re also interested. For instance, ask her about what she does. As she talks, repeat, “Uh, huh,” and, “Really?”, to let her know you’re paying attention.

Never cut her off and never turn the conversation to yourself, which is usually a guy’s first instinct. As men we tend to want to build ourselves up and so we end up talking about ourselves, even turning the conversation from her to ourselves. That will lead her to think that you are self centered and that could turn her off.

Then, make her laugh about something she’s said and then ask her another question. This recipe will instantly cause a woman to build a stronger bond with you.

When you’re with the woman you want to build a stronger bond with, even if you’re in a crowded shopping mall, make her feel like she’s the only woman in the room. That means not looking at other woman, and not really paying attention to anyone else. Talk to her, laugh with her, again ask her about herself. Women love to be the center of a man’s attention and if you can provide her with that, she’ll be ready to reward you.

Another great tip for solidifying that bond between you and her is to put the two of you in an exciting/fearful/funny experience. This could be a roller coast theme park, it could be a haunted house on Halloween or it could be a comedy club. Excitement, fear (fun fear), and humor not only get the blood pumping but they also act as aphrodisiacs. She’ll feel instantly closer to you when you experience these types of instances as a couple. It’s as if you lived through something as one unit. And that’s just what you want her to think.

Finally, to take things to the next step and really form that bond between the two of you, tell her how you feel and tell her what you want of her. Don’t ask her to be your girlfriend/wife, or whatever else you wish to tell her. This leaves her an option to say no. Instead, tell her you want her to be this and you’re glad she’s in a position to be whatever you want her to be. By saying those words, and saying them confidently, building a strong relationship with her won’t be difficult at all. As long as you keep at it, you continue to show her you’re attentive and you can always intrigue her and make her laugh, she’ll be all yours.


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