If you were to ask the average man what he was most afraid of, he would probably answer heights, spiders and approaching hot women. That’s because all three of those things elicit this feeling of extreme terror in man. Must like having a huge hairy spider crawling on your arm, approaching a hot women makes men feel sick to their stomachs. Some men break into a cold sweat and some start shaking. Some can’t even talk. When they try to talk it comes out more of a stutter. Some even drool on themselves. Why is this? It’s because the men lack the confidence required to pick up hot women.

How to Approach Women

It’s not hard to develop confidence in breaking the ice. But it is required if you ever hope to be good at meeting good looking girls. Bottom line. There is no getting around it. You must fix this part of yourself first before you move onto what to say to a woman. Because the fact is, if you aren’t sure of yourself you’re going to fail with every woman you walk up to.

Woman can detect whether or not you’re confident just by the way you carry yourself. She can tell the moment she sees you. Even if you just walked into that bar, she’s already gauged your confidence and whether or not she’s interested.

The good news is that even if she’s not interested, being confident can turn her around. You can actually convince her to be interested in you, but you must first be confident. So let’s work on that.
Confidence is all in how you stand and how you walk. You must straighten your spine. Not so much that she think you’re in the military, but just enough so that you’re not slumped over. Your shoulders should be back but lax, and your face should be self assured.

To get your face self assured look in the mirror and find out what it feels like to look confident. Once you get used to that feeling, try to replicate that in public. You’ll soon see that doing that can have immense changes in how others perceive you. Just be careful that you don’t make funny faces in public while you’re trying to pull this off. That’s why you should practice a lot before you actually try it on the women you’re interested in.

When you stand, keep your hands out of your pockets. When you put your hands in your pockets, your body language is telling her that you are hiding something. Instead, have your hands out and hold them to your sides. If you want, find something to hold, like your keys or a drink bottle. You’ll also want to ensure that you remain still. Don’t fidget or shuffle your feet, as those are signs of being insecure with your surroundings. Instead, stand firm like you’re ready for anything.

When you walk, you need to make sure you have long strides and don’t walk too fast. Keep it slow and gaited. Your arms should swing as widely as is natural. The more you swing your arms, the more confident you’ll appear, but you don’t want to swing them too wide or else you’ll look funny.
Now your face, your stance and walk are solid and you’re ready to walk over to her. Once you’re there, what are you going to do? Well, if you have confidence you can lead in with something that makes her laugh. Anything will do as long as the ice is broken. From there, you only need to ask her what her name is and then ask her about herself. Women love to talk about themselves and the longer she gets to talking, the higher your chances are of picking her up. And that’s the name of the game.

As long as you have confidence in everything you do and you get her laughing and talking about herself, you’ll be able to get her number or, if you play your cards right, even take her home.


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