Men expect women to look after themselves, to look good at all times and put effort into how they present themselves. Yet a lot of us don’t return the favor and then we wonder why she looks away in disgust when we show up looking like a slob who hasn’t washed in three weeks, and smelling like it.

Improving the Package

Women Choose, Men Lose

While you may think that you are the “man” and make the choice when it comes to selecting a mate, all you really need to do is look to the animal kingdom. The males fight over the females and in the end, they say yes or no by accepting him or turning her nose up. The same is true for women.

Oh, you may think you are the one making the choice, because after all you are the one asking her out, right? Wrong! Yeah, you are doing the asking but you won’t walk over there to talk to her unless she has given you some sign that she might be interested. Even then, she can simply tell you to take a hike if she isn’t interested. So, while we have the cocky attitude thinking that we choose the women, we are simply in denial.

Why should you care who makes the selection? Well, simply because if you improve the package then you have a better chance of being selected. Coming back to the animal kingdom, you will generally find that it is the male who has the stunning colors and they generally look much better than the females. Think of the peacock. Female peacocks are usually drab grays and browns, while the males have stunning tails in amazing colors. Why do you think? It’s to impress the ladies.

Even in our own history, men have always taken care of themselves. In fact, it’s only in recent history that men have completely left the grooming to the women, because even as little as a few hundred years ago, men would dress up in complicated outfits simply to impress women.


What Can You Do?

Now that I have driven the point home that you need to groom yourself, and not turn up looking like last week’s washing, let’s look at what you can do to improve. And don’t moan that you are average looking and can’t do anything about it. You would be surprised what some casual yet smart clothes can do.

So, first off, look at your “dating” wardrobe. Jeans with holes and stains and a T-shirt with sexual messages is only going to get you a date with a blind woman… maybe and only if you are really lucky. You don’t need to go around spending a fortune on a suit but some decent, clean jeans, a nice T-shirt, and matching shoes and belt will go along way to cleaning up your image. Also, remember that women do notice tiny details, and they will notice if your belt matches your shoes.

Before you go out, check your teeth. Yeah, just like a horse, women check your teeth. After all, it’s normal, especially if they are contemplating kissing you. If your breath stinks and your teeth have food stuck in them from last week, any woman will probably be happier to kiss the other end of a horse rather than you. If you have bad teeth, then get them fixed. Don’t balk! You expect women to fix everything wrong with them, why should you be any different? Remember, women do the choosing.

Just like you expect a woman to look after herself and stay in shape, you need to do the same. Think about getting into a sport, or even doing a sports tour. A woman who is in shape won’t give a slob a second glance. This doesn’t mean that you need to sport a six pack but neither will a beer belly be attractive.

Now, by improving your image, not only will you improve your chances of being “selected” because of the package, but you will also have more self – confidence. And remember, women love confident men.


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