It’s a well-known fact that more than 80% of human communication happens through body language. Unfortunately for many men, women tend to signal their intentions using five times more body language signals than men. It’s no wonder so many men misread these small cues.

If you can learn to accurately read the body language of women, you’re far more likely to meet women who are truly interested in flirting with you than other men.

Reading a Woman’s Body Language

What is Body Language?

Body language stems from reflex responses within the limbic part of the brain. When women notice a guy across a crowded room, they’ll notice little things about the way he walks, stands, talks and looks around him. These things tell her whether he’s confident in himself and around his circle of friends.

They also tell her almost instantly whether that guy believes deep down that he’s good enough to pick up someone like her.

However, when men view women’s subtle body signals, they tend to miss the big signs that she’s actually inviting him to come over and approach her.


Women’s Body Language Signals to Watch For

Women already know which men they want to approach them within minutes of entering a room. They’ll look for the men displaying Alpha Male behaviours and showing plenty of confidence, without being arrogant.

When they notice these types of men, they’ll switch on the silent body language to draw him over to her and entice him to approach.

Keep an eye open for women who try to catch your attention and hold your gaze longer than normal. This is an overt sign that she’s checking you out and making sure you’re checking her out in return.

To make sure she knows you’re interested, give her a little smile and hold her gaze until she looks away. Be careful about your smile. A good, positive signal for a woman would be a close-mouthed, cheeky little grin. This lets her know you’ve got a little more than just friendship in mind, which in turn signals to her to switch on her own flirting signals. You should notice she’ll offer you a little smile of her own if she’s interested.

If she’s keen to have you come over and talk to her, she’s likely to look down coyly, before glancing back up quickly to see if you’re still looking. Then she’ll turn away to focus on her friends or her drink or anything else that isn’t you.

This doesn’t mean she’s lost interest. She’s waiting to see if you’re going to play the flirting game with other women in the room. Give her just a moment and she’ll glance back at you to see if you’re still interested. By this time, her own flirty little smile should have deepened.

A good response to this kind of body language signal is to raise your eyebrows just a little. This sends a silent question to her, asking whether she wants you to come over or not. She may raise her eyebrows in return. This is a positive sign that she’s happy to be approached.


Mastering Body Language

While these subtle little signals might seem tiny, insignificant interchanges, they can speak volumes. Remember, women are a lot more adept at reading body language than men can be, so be sure to pay attention to how you stand and what signals you’re sending out to her.

If she sees you fidgeting or looking around nervously, her gaze is likely to wander over to the confident guy beside you instead. Women are far more attracted to men who display confidence in themselves, so you could benefit from learning to find something about yourself to be confident in and then don’t be afraid to display it.


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