Marketing and online dating have a lot in common and you can apply some marketing principles to improve your chances of getting a response. First of all, the secret of any great marketer is to understand the target market. By understanding the target market, one can create a “product” that appeals to the market because he knows that is what they want. In this case, you are the product.

What Marketing and Online Dating Have in Common


A great marketer will first identify what his target market wants and then offer it to them, rather than first creating a product and then trying to find a market for it. When it comes to online dating, your target market is made up of the women you would like to meet. So, if your target market is athletic women who like outdoor activities, then you need to put yourself in their shoes to work out what would make them respond and go out with a man.

So, in our case of athletic women who like outdoor activities, what sort of man do you think they would like to go out with? Definitely not someone who doesn’t look after himself, so if you aren’t in shape and have a beer belly then you need to consider improving your image.

You need to take the time to research the type of women you would like to go out with, to understand their needs, desires and what they are passionate about. This will allow you to recreate the product and build an image of the type of man they would desire. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to change who you are but you can improve yourself. In other words, if you are a couch potato you have two options. Either don’t expect to date a woman who loves working out, or start working out yourself and become more active.


Unique Selling Proposition

The USP is a very important factor for a marketing strategy. What is a USP? A USP essentially represents what a product or service has that is different and special compared to similar products. So, you need to show what makes you special and better than your counterparts. Likewise, with online dating you need to show that you are trustworthy, contemporary and interesting as these will make you stand out from the crowd.

So, you need to answer the questions of what makes you trustworthy, interesting, and special, and so on to find your USP. This will help you set yourself apart from the crowd. Remember that you need to show these qualities and not tell women that you have them. Telling can be subjective but showing through actions or stories will be much more effective in establishing that you have these qualities.



Besides the product, you also need to design your profile to fit the image of the type of man such a woman would like to go out with. Continuing with our example of athletic women who love outdoor activities, consider putting up photos of you hiking or engaging in other activities they enjoy. This is a much more powerful method of communicating that you enjoy the same activities because showing is much better than simply telling them that you do.

Your online profile is, essentially, your packaging and a branding tool. Now, you know very well that a package sells the product. Think of when you go shopping, don’t you always dive for the product that has the nicest packaging? The same holds true for online dating. The nicer the package the more interested women will be.

Now, your package is a combination of your image and your profile. The more interesting and magnetic your profile, the better the chance you have of receiving a response.


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