At first, it seems like the perfect way to spend more quality time together. You both have similar aspirations and goals. And without a doubt, you know each other well enough that you can support each other through all the challenges you face. Most importantly, you want to help each other achieve those aims and ambitions. There is simply nobody else better qualified to do the job.

If you are starting up a business, or you have a big project coming up, it makes sense to recruit help from your friends and family. They’re not in it for their own gain, so you know they are working hard to help you get what you want. Starting a business means you’re working long hours meeting clients and getting jobs done to a high standard. Having your girlfriend take care of the marketing, the invoicing, and the ordering makes sense, especially as she’s so keen to help you.

The customers think she’s charming on the phone. They often agree your quotes without haggling. Your suppliers have been wooed by her and offer a great discount because she’s so easy to work with. Perhaps she’s even put in some of her own money to tide you over during a quiet month. You see it as her investing in your business, even though she’s happy to gift you the cash.

Gone – but what did she take with her?

Then it all goes horribly wrong. You have a row, and she leaves you. Except she hasn’t just left you, she’s left your business, your customers, and your suppliers. You have no idea how to pick up the slack without her. Perhaps you’re so heartbroken, you just don’t care. If you know she’s the one, but you’ve made a mess of your relationship, then you need some help fixing it.

There is a very detailed article on how to get your ex back that might point you in the right direction. Chances are you’ve been so busy with your business that you didn’t even realise she was so unhappy. What you need to do now is figure out what she’s feeling and why she reached the breaking point. She had invested so much in you and your needs that something pretty significant caused her to walk away from that. Her commitment to you came from a deep love and respect for you. Did you show her the same?

What went wrong and how can you fix it?

Of course, it might take some time to fix the damage and win her back. In the meantime, your business might be suffering. It might have been cheaper getting your girlfriend to do all the work. But if you don’t hire someone to do what she was doing, you might not have a business for long. Choose a temp or a freelancer to pick up the slack if you’re not in a position to hire an employee. You might need to check in with customers and suppliers that are used to working with your ex. Make sure they’re happy with your service right now.

Working closely with a girlfriend can be risky for your project or business as well as your relationship. How do you manage the two without disaster?


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