Women often wonder why they can’t get a first or second date and they come up with complicated stories that usually center on their lack of worth. However, the answer is usually much simpler, because, after all, men are not as complicated as women like to think. If you are making these mistakes then you have your answer as to why you can’t get a date.

5 Dating Mistakes Women Make

1. If you are looking to meet guys, going out with all your girlfriends is not the best way to do it. You might think it’s a great way because you have an excuse to go out and you are surrounded by your support group, which gives you more confidence. However, men have the same confidence issue you do and will rarely brave a group of two, three or even four women, to speak to only one of them because they don’t want to be embarrassed when you refuse them.

Instead of appearing open to meeting men, you look as if you are surrounded by an army there to protect you. And few men want to be laughed at by a single woman let alone a group of women if he makes a blunder. While he might work up the courage to talk to you if you are alone, there is little chance he will come over and talk to you when you are surrounded by your friends.


2. Revealing everything on your first date because you are nervous will make you appear much too desperate to reel him in. Instead of letting him work to find out a little about you all you accomplish is to serve yourself up on a platter, and most people aren’t as attracted to what comes easily, it’s just human nature.
Think about the last time a “nice guy” approached you and all his actions revealed how much he wanted to go out with you. You most likely weren’t all that impressed and the reverse is quite true as well. Plus, if you are talking that much, then you also come across as a little self-absorbed and guys generally don’t want to date a woman who talks constantly about herself without letting him get a word in edgewise.


3. The previous point goes hand in hand with conversations about the ex. Don’t talk about your ex even if you have absolutely nothing to talk about. It’s better if you just stare at him and say nothing at all than bring up that risky conversation, especially on the first date. This includes hypothetical situations where you try to judge him by asking leading questions. Just because you think he won’t catch on, doesn’t mean he won’t know what you are doing. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were compared to his ex on the first date.


4. Men like to be shown that a woman is interested in them and the best way to do that is to let them do most of the talking. If he asks you a direct question, then of course answer, but otherwise try to focus on him and show that you are listening by asking him leading questions related to the topic he is talking about. Men love a woman who knows how to listen and make them feel interesting.


5. We all like having a drink when going out, but if you are nervous and using alcohol as a way to relax it can backfire on you. Try to limit yourself to one drink only when you are on your first date because you never know what you will say or do when you are tipsy and it will definitely not make a good first impression.


These are a few of the mistakes women make when trying to attract a man’s attention or to impress him and if you learn to avoid them then you will find you will have many more second dates than you know what to do with.


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