Tinder, Pure, Blendr, and Happn are just a few examples of the modern tools people are using to hook up, nowadays. Giving users the power to skip awkward introductions and courtship, these platforms have become incredibly popular in recent years, with millions of people getting on board. Of course, though, where you find real users, you will also find fake ones, too. Whether they just want to muck you around or want something out of you, spotting a date like this before you settle in for it is essential if you want to avoid trouble. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the easiest ways to catch the catfish to avoid being caught.

A lot of the fake accounts you find on a site like Tinder or Happn are built by scripts which will make accounts in bulk. To save time, these accounts will never be touched by a human, and will use further scripting to be able to follow and talk to users as if they were real. Of course, though, a chatbot is never as smart as a normal person, and this will be very easy to spot without having to do any sleuthing at all.

Once you’re sure someone is a real person, it will be time to figure out if they are who they say they are. To begin, Google’s image searching tools should be plenty to get started, giving you somewhere to test their profile photos. If you find matching results very quickly from generic sources, you’ve found someone using fake images. This sort of approach is almost as common as bots, but can be a little harder to spot, making it hard to know if you’re making the right call without doing some research, first.

In some cases, you might not be able to get to the bottom of a date’s identity, and will be left wondering whether or not you should brave an evening with them. Thankfully, nowadays, a private investigator can be found for a very reasonable fee. With the skills to track people down when they’ve gone missing, it should be very easy for someone like this to figure out whether or not a date is real. Of course, though, you won’t know until they’ve looked into it for you.

Dating using apps like these always takes a certain level of trust. You won’t be able to background check everyone you meet, as this would take a lifetime to get through, and most of the people you meet would be unhappy with it. Instead, in most cases, it can be best to rely on your instincts to tell you if an interaction is bad. If you ever feel worried before a date, it’s best to simply cancel and avoid the person in the future.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your dates. Not a lot of people will look into their matches like this, choosing to rely on trust rather than true knowledge. Of course, this will often work out just fine, but you should always be wary of what could go wrong.


Image Credit: Worried Girl

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