When it comes to flirting with men, not only is it important to do it correctly, but it’s also important that they notice that you’re flirting. That’s because most men are completely oblivious to women’s signals. As a woman, you could walk up to a man, grab him by the arm and tell him you’re deeply attracted to him and he would probably think you’re just paying him a compliment. Seriously, some guys are that dense towards what a woman wants or even what she’s trying to say. For that reason, no matter how you’re used to flirting, you’re going to have to turn it up a notch if you really want to get that guy’s attention.

Flirting With Men

The best weapons a woman can use in her flirting arsenal include a smile, a touch, a laugh, saying his name, hugging him, and she can even make certain comments that are designed to let him know you’re interested.

These concepts are probably nothing new to you. After all, everyone knows to smile and laugh, and touch the other person in order to flirt, right? Not necessarily. There are many people who have no idea how to flirt, and even more are completely unaware of how to tell whether or not your flirting is reciprocated. Or, in other words, they’re unaware of whether or not the other person is flirting back with them.

For this reason, we’ll create an imaginary couple that go by the names Janet and Steve. Janet and Steve are classmates in a college course and they’re sitting outside between classes because their first class let out early. Janet likes Steve but she’s not sure if Steve likes her. So, Janet decides to flirt with him.

The first thing she should do is walk over and introduce herself. She does and they shake hands. She asks about the class and smiles as she does so. He says something and she laughs and touches his arm. Then she leans in and says they should study together sometime.

Steve is very nervous and laughs only a few times. When she touched him, he didn’t touch her back. Janet begins to think that Steve just isn’t interested. The truth is, however, that Steve is completely interested and wants desperately to ask Janet out but he’s not sure how.

This part is very frustrating for women. Janet has done everything she can to let him know that she likes him, and he hasn’t given her one signal back. This makes her feel as though she’s wasting her time and she goes to leave.

But Janet shouldn’t leave. Instead, she should touch him even more when she talks, she should lean into him and laugh and she should ask him questions that will let her know if he likes her or not. These include asking him if he has a girlfriend, if he’s dating anyone, or even if he likes someone. This may seem terrifying to ask a man, but if you word it the right way it will come out as a natural means of getting to know someone better.

The bottom line is that Janet needs to use her smiles, her laughs, her touches and her words as a way of letting Steve know she’s interested in him, while at the same time making him wonder whether or not she’s just being nice. In other words, she should never just throw herself at him. She should wait for him to ask her out.

If Steve doesn’t ask her out, she can make it easy for him. She could say something like, “My friends and I are going to play pool tonight. It’s really fun.” That way, it’s an easy transition to ask him if he wants to come along.

So, as a woman, to flirt correctly, you must send the proper signals and then kick your efforts up a notch, or take them down a notch depending on the response you get. Soon you’ll be able to gauge the proper levels of flirtation so that you can actually mould any man’s behavior just by flirting a little more or a little less. That’s just how much power a woman’s flirting can have over men. Use your power wisely.


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