So you’ve been together for a while. The relationship is going well, and hypothetical conversations you’ve had suggest that you’re both open to marriage. So when you know a wedding will be on the cards at some point, it’s only natural that you’ll be looking out for hints and clues as to when he might pop the question. While an engagement is usually a surprise, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for the signs… you’ll want to look your best when he gets down on one knee after all! Here are some of the signs that your boyfriend might be about to propose.




He Becomes Careful With Money

Has your usually frivolous spender suddenly becomes more cautious and careful with money? This could be a sign that he’s saving for a diamond engagement ring! You might notice this in subtle ways. He might suggest cooking or staying home rather than ordering a takeaway or dining out. You might notice him making cutbacks in certain areas or suddenly taking an interest in how much things cost when he didn’t previously. A change in spending habits is a bit clue that he might be planning on proposing soon!


He Books a Holiday or Romantic Getaway

Many people get engaged while on a romantic getaway. And so if he suggests taking a holiday or mini-break (especially if he wants to sort all of the details out himself) it could be a clue that he’s planning something big. The same applies to booking a romantic meal out of the blue or taking you somewhere that’s relevant to you. If could be where you met or where you went on your first date.


He Mentions Jewelry

Has your partner started dropping mentions of jewelry into conversation? If this is something he’s previously shown no interest in, it could be sign. You might notice him commenting on a piece when you’re walking past a jeweler. It might be a casual mention of a friend’s choice or even someone on tv. This is a huge clue; he’s looking to get your reaction to different styles to work out what to pick. If he’s completely clueless about your style, he might go to your friends and family for advice. And so if you discover he’s called around to your parents for lunch, it may well have been about this!


He Suggests Getting Dressed Up

This one is easy to get around if your boyfriend plans on popping the question in a place where you’ll already be dressed up. But if you’re going out for the day and don’t have any specific plans and he suggests getting dressed up or having your nails done, this could be a huge clue. Your first thought might be, ‘why would I get my nails done for a walk on the beach?’ but there could well be a proposal at the end of it!

If you are engaged, how did your partner pop the question? Did you notice any clues in the lead up to it, or was it a complete surprise?


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