You like a man but you like him from afar and you’d like to change that. You need to know how to win a man’s heart. Don’t worry, as you have everything in your power to do just that. See, women have a certain power over men. Some women are well aware of this and use their power often, usually to get men to do what they want or to buy them things. Some women, however, have no idea how to use their powers. The good news is that you can learn to make a man like and even love you. You only need to learn the techniques and then practice them until they’re effective against the man of your dreams.

Winning a Man's Heart

Does he Know You’re Alive?

Before you can hope to win a man’s heart, he has to know of you. If this is someone in your life already, then you’re halfway there. The hard part is over. The hardest part of making a man like you is meeting him and getting to know him. But if he’s already in your life as a friend, an acquaintance or even a coworker, then all you need to do is apply a little heat to get the chemistry going.



To win a man’s heart you need to let him know how you feel. But if you were to just walk up to him and tell him you like him, it may put him on the spot and he may be weirded out. Instead, use flirtation to let the man know what your true intentions are. If you don’t know how to flirt, you simply use eye contact, smile, use a light touch on his arm or hand, and you try to get in close so that the sexual tension begins to build. When done effectively, he will have no doubts as to your intentions and he’ll likely feel his juices begin to flow.


Sexual Tension

Men respond to teasing from a woman and they also respond to the chase. It drives them crazy. Therefore, you should use both when trying to win him over. You can tease him by really turning up the heat with your flirting. You can brush up against him when moving past him, letting him feel your body against his, you could whisper in his ear so that he feels your breath on his earlobe and neck, and you can even hug him as you press your body against his. While you’re doing this, continue to flirt. Then, pull away. Completely ignore him. This will drive him absolutely crazy because he’ll wonder what he did. He won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Then, whenever you feel him cool down, turn up the heat again.


He Doesn’t Respond

You may come across a man that doesn’t respond to your advances. You may flirt with him and you may really turn up the heat, but he just shrugs it off. A man who acts like that either isn’t attracted to you, is gay, or is married or in some other relationship. It could be a hundred different reasons. The point is that you should move on if you encounter this type of behavior because the man isn’t worth it. You should only try to use your powers on men who respond to you and who are attracted to you. And there are plenty of them out there, no matter what you look like. You just have to find them.

That’s all it takes to win a man’s heart. Once you become better at it, you’ll find that you can get a man do anything you want just by turning up the heat and then backing away. It’s a weakness men have and you should try to use your power only for good, no matter how difficult that may be.


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