Online dating is fun, fresh and incredibly popular but just like traditional dating it can throw up all sorts of issues from profile pics because really just how many are too many? To what do you actually say to someone once you’ve swiped right? It doesn’t matter where you’re choosing to look for love you need to keep these rules in mind, or you might just end up attracting someone very different to the person you imagined!




Profile Photos Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Today, we live in an image obsessed society surrounded by selfies, snapchats, and social media blasts and the term ‘pics, or it didn’t happen’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Firstly, don’t dismiss someone outright if they’ve got a great sounding bio but no pictures, they may not have had the time to take any, don’t really care about social media or are hoping to find someone to take shots with soon. By making snap judgments about people’s appearance you appear shallow and superficial, if you’re super serious about finding someone to share that special connection with ruling someone out because ‘you prefer blondes’ or they ‘don’t have a strong Instagram following’ is not the way to go about it.

Stop Obsessing Over Small Details

So they come from Brooklyn, and your ex hailed from there, they also like sushi and so did your ex as well as being a fan of basketball, again, just like your ex. Remember, this person may have similar interests, hobbies and even a career to your ex-partner but they are not that person. Try not to focus on the things that make them similar and instead look at the bigger picture and concentrate on all the ways that they’re different. There are plenty of dating sites online, click to visit Date who’ll help find you someone who shares your values but who are also their own person at the same time.

Sometimes Someone Is Too Good To Be True

The simple fact is everyone lies on their profile it’s just important to know to what degree are they doing it. A white lie, like they have been to see a particular band is okay but a big lie like they say that they’ve completed college when they haven’t is a cause for concern. People that feel the need to lie about themselves, making them sound better than they are actually are, are often suffering from poor self-esteem and aren’t mature enough to handle an adult relationship.

Fantasies Are Fine But Keep Them To Yourself

You might think that you’ve found ‘the one’ after two dates, but they don’t need to know that! Keep any fantasies such as living together, pets, marriage and even kids to yourself until you’ve been together a  good few months. Whatever you do, don’t push the relationship to grow faster than its natural pace as you could end up right back where you started. Analyse how your partner behaves towards you and if they are caring, loving and supportive then maybe you can share your dream of a family home in the ‘burbs.’


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