So, you fell in love?

Brilliant! Isn’t that how all the greatest love stories go?

Except… wait. You fell in love with someone who lives in another country.

Oh no!

Before you know it, you are one-half of an international relationship. This, we’re sad to say, isn’t going to be easy. There are going to be obstacles to overcome. There are going to be problems that ‘normal’ couples never have to even think about. And sometimes, the distance (both physical and even metaphorical!) can simply feel too much.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. No, not at all. You can make an international relationship work, and you can overcome those distances and obstacles. You’ll just need a bit of courage, a lot of love… and the following tips!


Make the most of all the wonders an Internet connection offers!

In the old days, international relationships consisted of a handwritten letter delivered on horseback. And not very much else. But you are living in the modern world, and that is great news! A computer and a sturdy internet connection can make a world of difference if you let it. Get up to date with all the latest communication tools. Download Skype for your laptop and Viber and Whatsapp for your phone. All three of these allow free communication via the internet, even to and from abroad. That being said, both of you will need to download them for this to work! If your other half isn’t all that tech-savvy, give them a helping hand!

Invest in a new webcam, and go for one with a clearer picture quality. Grainy, blurry images of each other just won’t do. Plus, while your computer will have a microphone, consider getting a separate one. This will likely be of a higher quality, and will allow you to hear each other more clearly. Perfect for whispering those sweet nothings to each other just before bedtime…


Consider marriage carefully, and be prepared for the legalities

Next up, and the issue of getting married in order to get the legal backing to live in the same country. This can be a tempting option, especially while you are still in the early throes of love. But think carefully. Marriage is a legally binding commitment. Divorce can be painful, expensive and a very lengthy process. No matter how tempted you are, and how much you long to be able to live together, or closer, think carefully.

That being said, it could be the case that you are a well-established couple that know each other inside out. Despite the miles between you, you know everything there is to know, and everything you need to know. If marriage is on the cards, and for the right reasons, wonderful! You may not even be getting married to live closer, but of course, this will be a fantastic bonus. You will, however, have to comply with the same legal requirements, no matter your reasoning. When it comes to marrying within the US, you may need to attend Green Card Marriage Interviews. Not every couple has to do these, and in fact, the couple who do are chosen at random. However, if you are chosen, you are obliged to go and fulfill all the requirements. The process isn’t easy, but as long as you are truly in love and getting married for the right reasons, don’t be scared. It is their job to check legitimacy. As long as you have that, you will be fine.


Find advice, and then listen to it

Even though it may feel like it sometimes, you are not the only couple in the world going through this. Many have gone before you, and many will go after. And you know what else? They have thrived, and been happy, and fulfilled. You can be the same.

However, if you do need a little bit of help, actively find some advice. Don’t expect it to magically come to you, because it won’t. You need to do a bit of groundwork. Search for blogs and vlogs on the topic of international relationships, or even just relationships in general.

Looking to spice things up a little, and up your game on Skype? Blogs and advice guides on internet dating tactics can be useful. This is because a lot of the basics are the same.

There are also forums out there for people in long-distance and international relationships to vent. Sometimes you need the cathartic nature of this even more than you do some kindly advice! Just make sure your other half isn’t on there in secret also!


Image Credit: Love Distance


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