Meeting new people on online dating sites can be a very safe way to find people. You’re able to chat and form a connection between the two of you before you ever meet in person.

This kind of distance dating over the internet can help give you more insight into a person’s personality before you meet in the real world. It gives you the opportunity to be selective about the people you choose to arrange dates with and it can help many shy people to feel more comfortable about meeting new people.

Unfortunately there are still some online dating safety precautions that should be considered carefully before you’re tempted to give out too much information about yourself.

Online Dating Safety

Personal Information

It’s fine to give out your first name to new people you meet online, but don’t be tempted to give your full name, your phone number, your home address or your email address.

Regardless of how great a person might seem while you’re chatting online, you don’t know everything about them yet. Remember there are plenty of ways to track your physical location by giving out these details. Keep your details private until such time as you’ve met in person and you’re more familiar with the stranger you want to turn into a friend.



If you’re chatting online to someone who becomes rude, offensive or displays inappropriate or unwanted behavior, block them immediately. You may also encounter men who request more information than you’re comfortable giving out to a stranger. Politely remind them that you’re still getting to know each other and change the subject. If he persists with questions you’re not happy to answer, block him at once.

There are thousands of other men out there willing to treat you well so don’t accept rude, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior from anyone.


Planning Dates

Always remember that you’re the one in charge when you’re meeting new people in an online dating environment. You should always be certain you’re comfortable with the idea of meeting the person you’ve been chatting to before you agree.

Don’t be bullied into accepting a date or meeting someone in person before you’re ready. After all, a man who is willing to bully you into meeting with him before you’re ready is likely to be impatient with other things he wants from you too. Move on and find someone willing to respect your own time frames.

Of course if you’re the one who is happy to accept a date, try to spend some time talking on the phone with the person first. Talking to someone is a very different way to communicate than typing into a messaging system, so it can give you a little extra insight.


Meeting for the First Time

When you do decide you’ve found someone you’d like to meet in person, arrange to meet in a place that allows you both to talk comfortably. Movies, intimate restaurants or dimly lit places aren’t always advisable.

Suggest you meet in a well-lit café with a friendly atmosphere. If you’re really uncertain about going out in the evening, you might also suggest a lunch meeting. This way you know you have a time limit and can leave early without causing offense if things aren’t going well.

Don’t agree to be picked up from home or given a lift back home after the date. Make your own way there and back until you’re more comfortable with this person.


Back Up Plan

Before you leave for your date, always be sure to tell someone where you’re going. Give the café’s address and your date’s name to a friend or family member. If you’ve already spoken to your date on the phone before setting up a physical meeting, you should have a contact number for him, so leave his number as well.

Be sure you carry a cell phone with you during your date at all times. Pre-arrange with a friend to call you a little while into the date to check that things are going okay. If they’re not, this is a great way to excuse yourself politely.

However, if your date is going well, you could use the phone call to end the date on a high note. This is a great way to get him to agree to a second date!


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