When two people have been in a relationship for a long time, it’s normal to go through a dry spell or two. Real life romance is rarely like what they show in the movies. It’s not unusual for couples who deeply care about each other not to be physically intimate for prolonged periods of time.

That being said, most couples wish their dry spells would end as soon as possible. However, this may not happen on its own. You may need to work with your partner to break a dry spell for good and get back into the passionate relationship you’ve always wanted.

Here are several methods, some scientifically proven, that you can use to break a dry spell or disinterest in your long-term relationship:

Cuddle First

Some therapists recommend couples who have not had sex in a while to just go ahead and do it. Our bodies are naturally programmed to seek the type of pleasure sex provides more and more. So the idea is to jumpstart the love life and quickly end the sex drought. But if this is just too much, especially if you two haven’t been physically intimate for a while, then consider just cuddling and petting. It will most likely rekindle the desire in the relationship.

Try New Things in the Bedroom

Even sex can get monotonous and boring, which means there’s less incentive for the two parties to engage in it. Therefore, try to spice things up in the bedroom to break a dry spell for good. Consider introducing scented candles, edible massage balms and sex toys to make sex fun and adventurous. Visit an adult shop, either online or in-store, together to browse through products. Choose stuff you both can like so the subsequent sex is interesting to your partner just as it is to you.

Watch Relationship Movies

A study conducted in the US with couples whose relationships were sinking found that watching at least five movies about relationships and discussing them later helped stave off divorce or a breakup. It’s an approach that couples with deteriorating physical intimacy can try too. Instead of watching Netflix separately, watch one romcom with your partner each week. Honest communication will make you both more comfortable with each other, and more open to hitting the sack once more.

Sleep Better

The reasons for dry spells among couples can vary from stress to physical condition. One surprising factor that makes couples have less sex in modern relationships is lack of proper sleep. Sleep deprivation results in many negative health consequences, and lack of interest in sex is one of them. So instead of checking your phone every night after work, plan your evening to make sure you and your partner can sleep at least 7 hours each night for better sex later.

You can try one or several methods listed above to move past a sex drought in a relationship. But do keep in mind that trying too hard might be counterproductive. Don’t panic or get angry about the current situation. It’s more important to comfortably let things get back into the pre-dry spell days.


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