Have you ever known women who seem to draw men right to her as thought by magic? It’s almost as though they have some kind of magnetic pull that drives men crazy and makes them fall over themselves just to get to her.

The Power of Attitude

These women don’t have a mysterious animal magnetism or a strange kind of magic happening. They just understand the signals men look for when they’re out to find a partner and know how to put them to good use.

Any woman on the planet can use subtle body language signals to entice any man she wants over to her. It makes no difference whether you’re short or tall, young or old, thin or cuddly; men are attracted to certain attitudes within women.


What’s Your Attitude?

Men love to be around confident, positive, happy women. These types of women make them feel good when they’re in their company. A woman who is able to exude this kind of confident happiness is showing him that she’s got a grasp on her life and is doing what makes her feel great.

When you’re out at a party or a club or with friends, men seem instantly drawn to the woman who isn’t seeking approval from anyone, but who is quite sure of who she is and where she fits into her own place in the crowd.

Unfortunately, men are also able to spot desperation in moments. While there are some predator-types out there willing to prey on these women, you can be sure their intentions aren’t always of the long-lasting kind.

If you’re inwardly worried that a man might think you’re too fat or too short or too old, this insecurity about your physical appearance will display itself in your body language. When you’re having a conversation, he’ll also be listening for any negative comments or signs of complaining.

A man is able to tell by a woman’s posture, movements and first few sentences whether she’s confident, positive and happy or whether she’s negative, insecure and likely to complain about things. He is also able to quickly determine whether you’re out trying to meet someone out of desperation or fear of being alone.


Reality Check

It’s a well-known fact that most women feel insecure about something on themselves. Even the most gorgeous, toned, naturally beautiful women have parts of their bodies they’re not happy about. Women are their own worst critics.

The truth is, you’re much more physically attractive than you give yourself credit for. It’s also important to realize that you probably don’t see yourself in the same way as how the rest of the world views you.

The key to building the right attitude is to accept yourself for who you are and be proud to be you. If you can achieve this, looks, size and age simply don’t matter. Men will be drawn to that indescribable quality within you that makes them want to be around you.


Know How to Flirt

Men are naturally attracted to women who know how to use subtle flirting techniques to their advantage. It drives them wild. Flirting is all about being playful, a little bit mischievous and letting him know that you’re interested in him as more than just a friend.

The vast majority of flirting takes place silently, using body language and subtle signals that both men and women pick up on quickly. While there are specific signs and signals you can learn, successful flirting is all about confidence and attitude.

For example, if you’re trying to attract the attention of that good looking guy across the room, don’t fold your arms, or hunch your shoulders, or fidget with your fingernails.

Instead, offer him a cheeky little smile and raise an eyebrow in invitation at him. He’ll pick up on your cues quickly.

Who knows? He may have already been waiting for your invitation to come over and say hi.


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