With plenty of hats in different, shapes and sizes are being flooded into the market there is a bit of confusion that creeps into us as consumers. This in culmination with the four different types of seasons, one would definitely feel the pressure when it comes to choosing the right hat to pair with the selected outfit. Now, as opposed to the usual social norms of women having more rules than men, when it comes to hats it’s on a completely different spectrum where men have more hat rules than women. Let’s just say, women tend to pull off different types of outrages hats as opposed to the men.

The Hat You Prefer

When we are dealing with something that involves our appearance, we tend to second-guess every decision we take no matter how good we may look. This is usually an inherent feature all beings possess. This is why many of us refrain from wearing that beautiful looking hat. If you have the confidence to roam around the city with your rainbow coloured hair, elaborate tattoo on your arm, and the several piercings on our body, you should be able to rock that hat you wish you had the confidence to wear out in public. Garner the courage, and create yourself the required gumption to go out boldly with that beautiful hat.

For The Seasons

These are not strict codes of conduct that you have to unabashedly adhere to, but it is advisable that you read them out and take into account the essence of you can go about wearing a hat. Sun hats for instance with large brims are usually worn during sunny days to keep your face shielded from those rays of sun light, whereas beret hats, made out of cotton or even wool, are perfect for during the winters. This is because most winter hats are made out of a heavier material, providing you the necessary warmth and insulation to keep yourself comfortable and cosy during a cold and freezing outing.

The Events

Just like there are stipulated hats to wear for when the different seasons come, each occasion and individual events too require a particular type of hat to be worn. Most parties held during the evening require mostly require either cocktail hats, mini top hats or fascinators to be worn. There is no strict code that implies that these hats must only be worn during evening or night functions, and can very well be carried off during the day as well, so feel free to pick and choose. You may find it difficult to find a hat that suits your purpose at your close by brick and mortars, but it is highly likely that you find vast range of all types of hats, be it beanies, top hats and fascinators online. So keep surfing your net.

Make sure you are on with the fashion trends, and be more aware of the types of the latest styles and designs that are going around. You will be able to pick on the ones that you like and improvise certain elements to successfully blend it in to your everyday outfits not matter the season or event.


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