Whatever the reason your fella is in your good books, it’s hard to know how to treat him so you can show him how much you appreciate him. A lot of women would buy them a gift. But men seem to have everything so you can get stuck on what to buy him. And even if you decide to express your gratitude verbally, you can often be left unsure on what to say. Here are some surprising ideas you need to see when you want to treat your other half.



Take him on a trip away

You and your partner might not get a chance to get away. After all, the commitments of work and home life can keep you both busy. Therefore, why not treat him to a trip away when he deserves a treat. Consider if there is somewhere that he would love to go to, but has never had a chance to visit before. You should be able to think of some ideas, otherwise, subtly drop travel into the conversation. You will have a wonderful time on the trip, and he will be extremely appreciative. You’ll make incredible memories and will have photos you can keep forever!


Give him a day off from the kids

Being a dad has its wonderful moments, but there are times it leaves guys stressed. Therefore, to treat your fella, give him a day off from the kids. Let him go out with his friends for a day or an evening and have some man time. He will be really appreciate that he can have some time away to chill out. After all, every guy needs some time for some male bonding. And men don’t often get as much time with their friends as women do! By treating your guy to a day off from the kids, you can then have a day off yourself soon!


Remind him you love him

Can you remember the last time you told your fella that you love him? You will be surprised to know that only one-third of couples after being together a decade said ‘I love you’ to their partner. And with guys often being more sensitive than women, they need to hear this occasionally to boost their esteem! Therefore, to treat your fella, remind him how much you love him and appreciate what he does for your family. You could write him a love letter explaining why you fell in love with him. It will really boost his mood and fill him with joy!


Have a date night

A lot of couples find it hard to find any time to have a date night when they have a family. It’s just too hard to find someone to look after the kids on a regular basis. But couples need to have some time on their own to keep their love alive. Therefore, arrange a date night as a treat for your fella. You can get someone to look after the kids and then can have a romantic night in. Or you could even go out for a meal and to the cinema. It will help your other half to relax, and he will appreciate the alone time with you.


Create something

If you’re short on cash, you can treat your fella by creating him something handmade. It’s a lot more thoughtful, and he will appreciate the time and effort you took to make him something. You could create a photo album, or you might want to create a CD full of his favourite tunes




Buy him something he wants not needs

A lot of the time we have to put back items we want as we need to spend money on items we really need. Therefore, to treat your fella, buy him something he really wants for a change. It might be a retro player which he can use to play his old vinyls. Or it might be a new phone or games console which will just be for his use. He will appreciate you buying him something you would normally have to pass on. If you are stuck for ideas, you can look online to find many unique gift ideas for him.


Bake him his favourite food or snack

Guys love food; in fact, it’s one of their favourite things! Therefore, if you want to treat your fella, you could bake him something that he will love. It might be some brownies or cookies that he can take to work with him. Or you may want to make him his favourite dish which he never gets the chance to eat. If you aren’t great at cooking, you can buy food gift boxes that he will love.


Hopefully, once you have treated your fella, he will soon return the favour!


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