If you don’t have much luck with men, you may be turning them off with your looks and/or behavior. If you have no idea what turns men off, you’re not alone. Most women have no idea how men think or why they do what they do. But there are a few key things that you may be doing that may be repelling men instead of attracting them to you. By paying attention to these key items, you stand a better chance of meeting a good man and, hopefully, finding a fulfilling relationship.

What Turns Men Off

Stuck Up/Conceited

Most men can’t stand it when a woman is too full of herself. Women like this are unapproachable and they’re just downright annoying to hang out with. They ‘re usually always talking about themselves and sometimes they even spend the majority of their time putting others down. If you behave like this, know that there is a difference between women who are confident and those who are too stuck on themselves. This type of behavior will turn most guys off. The good news is that you can always change your behavior as long as you work on it. Start paying attention to other people, talk about yourself less and ask more questions of those around you. Finally, don’t put others down and instead find other things that you may think are funny. Men will respond better to you and they’ll definitely be more attracted to you.


Mousy/Too Strong Women

Men want a woman who is comfortable with who she is and with where she’s going in the world. What they don’t want is a woman who is too weak or too strong. For example, some women feel that they need to project this “I can’t take care of myself” image so that men will feel they need to come to the rescue. Men don’t want women like that, and that kind of helpless behavior will quickly turn them off. On the other hand, women who act like men, who like to get into fights and who act like they’re tougher than nails will quickly turn a man off, also.


Sex Objects

The proliferation of pornography and of sexual images in the media has taught women that being sex objects is how they’re supposed to act. These women are usually promiscuous and they act as if they’re not smart, even though they may be very intelligent. This is how mainstream media has taught women how to attract men. This is very wrong, however, and most men will be turned off by a woman that bounces around from man to man and acts like she can’t even do simple math because it’s too hard. Men don’t want someone who may give them a disease and they certainly don’t want to spend half the time they’re with the woman explaining things to her. They want smart women who respect themselves, and these are excellent qualities to possess.

It should be noted that even though these behaviors will generally turn men off, there is always going to be a man who appreciates these types of qualities in women. There is usually someone out there for everyone, and when it comes to women who are stuck up, mousy, too strong and those who act like sex objects, there will always be the exception.

For the most part, however, and if you want to maximize your chances with men, you should try to just be yourself. Be confident but not too conceited or strong, but not too mousy, and most of all respect yourself. You’ll soon see that men respond better to you and you’ll soon find that man who finds that you’re exactly what he’s looking for.


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