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Welcome to Dating Fox, one of the largest online resources of its kind. Whether you’re just looking for something casual, getting into a new relationship or have been in a committed relationship for some time, the advice from our experts will help push in the right direction.

For Men and Women

Rather than providing vague, general tips that make no sense to anyone, Dating Fox is split into two sections: Advice for Men and Advice for Women. Each section is written by a professional columnist who knows how to connect with their audience. Both writers (Andrew Howell & Samantha Bradbury) are vastly knowledgeable in the world of dating and know how to connect with the people they’re closest to.

How We Help You

We are set up to make finding the right advice easy. Posts on the site cover all kinds of topics from meeting the perfect partner to establishing trust. Dating is too often a long, confusing, tiring, and frustrating road. Our goal is to make that road more manageable and to make your experiences better with more potential for lasting happiness in your life.