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Dating Fox is your online resource for actionable dating advice. We help you put the fun back into the dating game. Regardless of who you are, our dating experts Samantha Bradbury and Andrew Howell will provide you with sound dating tips and relationship advice to help you find your dream partner.

Who We Are

Sam and Andrew are two people that have spent years trying to find their dream partner. They've gone through the failures, dealt with tears, break-ups and betrayal and they know how you feel because the chances are high they've been in your shoes. They've made it their mission to help others find true love and hence Dating Fox was born.

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Our dating experts are helping to change reader's lives with useful tips and advice to build those long-lasting relationships most people dream of, but fail to have. You will find valuable and priceless information on our site. Tips that actually work. If you want to be one step ahead in the dating game, Dating Fox is a necessity.

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When you become a regular reader of Dating Fox you will soon start to see a measurable difference in the way you date. Relationships are made to last. If you currently subscribe to the “relationship roller coaster,” and experience a continuous up and down then you should stick around. If you always find yourself falling for the wrong person, Dating Fox is your go-to-guide for gaining that unique connection with somebody special.