Dating Fox is your leading dating site for men of all ages and creed. Andrew Howell is your expert adviser. He has years of extensive experience with the ladies. In fact, Andrew is your modern day Bond, a guy women love – even though they don’t know why. As our resident relationship guru Andrew will help you pull more ladies than you can handle – if that’s what you want. But even better, he will show you how to find the woman of your dreams.

Whether you are a shy person or not Andrew’s insights into the mind of women will turn you from a frustrated dating hack into a ladies man. He happens to know the other sex like the back of his hand and is committed to showing you that women are looking for love as much as you are.

Once you understand how women tick you will be able to find true love and happiness.

Andrew’s writing is high energy. He likes to use snappy, cheeky, yet spot on examples to help you understand how women think, act and love.

His dating advice is fun, actionable and based on personal experience.

Who We Are

Andrew our ladies man is helping our male readers to connect with the women of their dreams while Samantha our ladies love guru is helping women understand why they currently fail to find true love (psst… for a sneaky inside look into their minds check out the woman section). Both our resident dating experts are committed to helping you find the partner of your dreams, regardless whether you are male or female.

They understand that you might be frustrated right now. They have been there in your shoes. When reading Andrew’s sound dating advice you will soon see why he’s such a chick magnet whenever he steps into a room.

You can be too – it’s easier than you think!

Dating Advice to Find Your Julia, Your Sex Goddess

Dating Fox offers men helpful and actionable dating tips and information. Our resident dating expert Andrew will help you put the fun back into dating.

His tips work. He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. He will help you to sort through the mess.

Written by a Man for Men

Andrew offers his extensive knowledge about women to help you make sense of their seemingly radical behavior. You will learn to see through the hissy fits and learn to understand why women act the way they do. Once you do you will probably laugh and see it from a total different perspective. This results in helping you to lighten your attitude and connect with more women than you can handle.

Andrew will show you how to:

  • Construct your online dating profile for best effects
  • Meet women
  • Demonstrate your attitude
  • Be confident
  • Read a woman’s body language
  • and much more …

How Men Can Benefit from Dating Fox

As a regular reader of Dating Fox, you will be able to connect with and make women friends as if you were the only man on this planet. When it comes down to offering sensible, time-proven dating advice for men then Andrew’s advice is the bomb.