Anytime you interact with a woman, she is judging you by your body language. If she’s interested in you, she will want to gauge your body language to determine if your feelings are mutual. And, if she senses that you’re not into her, she will likely end it and go off to find someone else to spend her time with. The thing is, some men don’t know they’re sending certain signals. They may not know that they’re sending a signal that they’re closed off, yet there standing with their arms crossed looking bored. To the man, he’s probably just nervous, and he’s probably oblivious that he’s sending any type of signals at all. That’s why, as a man, you need to learn how to use body language to ensure that you send the right signals and so you can tell her just how you feel without even saying a word.

Body Language Tips Women Look For


Women judge you by how you stand. First of all, the way you stand tells her how confident you are. If you stand with your spine straight and your shoulders back, she will think you are confident. Women like confident men. If, however, you are standing with your back and your shoulders slumped, she’ll think you’re not so confident and this can affect how she feels about you. Women like confident men and so you always want to be conscious of your stance to make sure you’re sending the right signals.

The position you stand in also tells a woman a lot about you. If, when talking to her, you stand with your body facing to the side instead of facing her, she’ll think you’re not focused on her. That’s why you always want to make sure you face her when standing, as well as when sitting.


Your Eyes

The eyes can tell a woman so much about a man. She can usually tell, just by looking in the eyes, whether or not a man is honest, if he’s into her, and if he’s thinking about something or someone else. That’s why you always want to make sure your eyes convey what you want them to convey. You can do this by looking into her eyes when you talk. If looking into her eyes makes you too nervous, use an old sales method and look her right between the eyes. She won’t notice you’re not looking into her eyes and it will send a message that you’re completely focused on her.

Eye contact is very important and should never spread to the rest of her body. A quick glance up and down can be permitted in the right circumstances but for the most part women want to know that you are listening to them and concentrating on what they’re saying.


The Way You Move

If aren’t confident, it will show in your walk, in the way you hold your drink, in the way you shuffle your fingers, and in every other thing you do. That’s why, if you hope to show a woman that you are both confident and into her, you must make everything about you exude confidence. Practice your walk so that you can make sure it’s a confident one. If you need to, watch movies where the leading man is a ladies’ man. Practice walking like that actor until you get it down.

Then, practice holding your hands as if you were talking to a beautiful woman. You wouldn’t want to shove them into your pocket because that, just like the crossing of the arms, can be a closed off position. Instead, find something to do with your hands that looks laid back and comfortable. The trick is to have her focus on you, not your hands that are constantly fidgeting because you’re nervous as hell.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to send all the right messages. These can also be used to pick women up as you’ll appear confident and you’ll be making all the right moves that will make her want you.


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