If you are thinking about online dating, or you’ve been online dating for a while with no luck, it’s time to step back and think for a minute about your game plan. When it comes to online dating, most men are clueless as to how to meet women online and then take that to the next level so that he can meet her offline. However, if you know the common online dating mistakes men make, you’ll be less likely to make them yourself. Then you’ll see online dating not as a frustrating tool that doesn’t get you anywhere, but a viable tool you can use to pick up any hot woman you want to.

Common Online Dating Mistakes Men Make

Profile Mistakes

Most men have no idea how to create a winning profile. They simply put a picture up, or a series of pictures without thinking much about what messages those pictures convey, and they create profiles that boast about their achievements and make them sound as great as possible. This is wrong.
First, your photo sends a message whether you realize it or not. If you include a photo that depicts you standing next to your car with a fish in your hand and a beer in the other, you may end up turning a woman off who is looking for a more professional man. Even if you are an attorney by day, that photo is enough to make her move onto something else. Therefore, pay close attention to your photographs and make sure they’re sending the right messages. You may have to play around with various photos to see which ones get the best responses, but soon you’ll find one that attracts the women you want to attract.


Too Long and Too Much About You

Another profile mistake is making your profile way too long and making it sound like a resume. Men always feel like they need to boast to women to make themselves look better. Instead of making a profile that’s too long winded and too boastful, make it short and sweet and make her laugh in the process. Don’t go on and on about your accomplishments, and instead tell her about your ambitions and goals, your dreams and what you’re looking for. If you can do this, and make her laugh at the same time, you’ll get many more responses from women instead of being passed over because you sound like a braggart.


Messaging Women

Finally, and this is the most important part, you must read the profiles of the women you message. Too many guys look at a woman’s photo, decide whether or not she’s attractive, and then message her blindly. Women’s profiles usually include information she wants you to know and it will also include the type of men she’s after. If you can include in the message you send a part of her profile that you read, this will go over better than just a blind message asking how she’s doing.

Finally, when you’re messaging women on online dating sites, make sure you sound intriguing, make her laugh and always end with a question. If you can intrigue her, make her laugh and get her to answer your questions, you’ll be able to get a back and forth communication started.

That’s what you’re after with online dating. You want that back and forth communication so that you can build up a trust, and eventually so that you can meet her offline. If you use these tips correctly, and you don’t make the mistakes most men make online, you’ll meet more women using online dating sites than you ever have before.


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