For most men, flirting is probably the hardest part to learn when it comes to picking up women. For most of us it’s just not natural. That’s because when we’re around women we find attractive, we freeze up, we can’t put more than a couple sentences together and we become a stressed out mess. If you ask a man in that condition to flirt, you’re not going to get much. And if you did it would be quite painful to watch. But flirting doesn’t have to be difficult. You only have to remember to make her laugh, use eye contact, say her name and touch her occasionally. Flirting is all about letting her know you’re interested and it almost always involves humor.

Flirting Tips for Men

Humor is probably the best ice breaker there is. Talking to a woman who has a straight face is terrifying as you have no idea what she’s thinking. But when a woman laughs, it’s almost as if she just opened up to you. If she had a guard up, when she laughs it’s definitely down. When she’s in that state, that’s your opening to open up more communication.

That’s why you always want to start with humor. Drop the canned pick up lines and instead find something to say about the situation. Just pick something obscure about her to comment on and put a funny twist on it. Or pick something about the situation the two of you are in.

For example, if you’re on a plane and the woman next to you can’t open her sandwich bag, you could say, “You know I would open that for you but I’d have to charge you.” Say it with a straight face and wait until she laughs first. When she laughs, open her sandwich and ask her about where she’s going and what she’s going to do once she gets there. She’ll love talking about herself and that means you just opened an entire dialogue of conversation. That’s exactly what you want.

Once the conversation is started, look her in the eyes and smile. Don’t have serial killer smile, or a clown smile, but have more a confident grin to you. Tease her and say it with a straight face and get her to laugh while you confidently look her in the eyes. That will build instant attraction with any woman and she’ll be dying to know more about you.

Then, while you’re talking to her, say her name. Just weave it into the conversation. Women also love to hear their own name and she’ll love hear it come out of your mouth. Don’t be too weird about it. About every few sentences or so, or every few minutes. Just keep it natural and remember to look her in the eye when you say her name.

Finally, you’ll want to touch her skin when you talk to her. If possible, try to touch the skin on her back. Her arm, wrist or even her hand will do as well. Just a gentle touch when you’re talking can have an amazing effect. If she starts touching you back, that’s a very good sign and it basically means you’ve picked her up.

Now, there are going to be occasions when your flirting doesn’t get the positive reaction you’d hoped for. She may not respond to your humor, or she may jerk away when you go to touch her. If that happens, don’t waste your flirting on her as she’s not in the mood for it anyway. However, if you’re in to challenge your flirting skills, you may want to try again to practice and also to see if you can change her mind. It has happened before and if you’re good enough you may just be able to pull it off.

That’s all there is to flirting. Keep it up, practice as often as you can and soon it will become a natural instinct that you use whenever you deal with attractive women.


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