Meeting women is not quite as difficult as most men make it out to be. There are many places you can get to know women as bars aren’t the only solution (even meeting women online is a good option!). Read on for some ideas on where to meet women and how to get a conversation going.

How to Meet Women

Where to Meet Women

The most obvious answer is to go where women are, especially the type of women you want to meet. So, if you are into athletic women who love to work out, then go to a gym or to cafes and juice bars near a gym. If you like intellectual women then go to a museum or a library. If you are into women who like to party the night away, go to a club. You get the idea.

Another great place to meet women is in normal places, like a grocery store or a mall. This is because a lot of women have this dream of meeting a guy, unexpectedly, in a regular place. This is the romantic in most women that has been amped up by all those romantic movies they watch.


How to Get a Conversation Going

First and foremost, canned pick up lines are not going to get you anywhere. Guys, women have heard them all before. They get approached all the time, even average women, and they have heard all the lines before. They instinctively know that you are using a line you learned somewhere and the result is that they will tell you to take a hike. If you want to make any headway you need to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.

A great way to strike up a conversation with a woman, especially if you are out with a friend, is to ask for a female perspective on a controversial subject. Gender related controversial subjects are great for this, since it will spark her interest and a response.

You can also simply go up to a woman and tell her that you noticed her and would like to find out what she is like. She will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you aren’t trying to be sneaky. Women catch on quick and being sneaky won’t get you anywhere, you need to be interesting and get her attention, which isn’t going to happen if you are using lame pick up lines.

Remember that how you say it is just as important as what you say. In fact, it can be even more important, especially since women are built to notice the subtle nuances of body language and voice inflection. This is why a woman can tell you so much about someone and how they are feeling by simply looking at them. They have a built-in radar that notices small details so they will be able to tell immediately if you are scared to death of talking to them.

This means that you need to teach yourself how to talk so that you project confidence and appear in control. You don’t want to be like the other hundred guys who have approached her, quivering in fear. Women like strong men, so you need to project that image. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to slow down. Speak slowly, with confidence, move slowly, with purpose.

If you really want to set yourself apart, then remember that attractive women are used to men who are nervous and excited around them because they are so interested. To stand out, you need to act uninterested or mildly interested at best. Not only will you be projecting a stronger image, but you will also have her wondering why you aren’t interested in her. Often, the result is that she will begin to pursue you.


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