Internet dating seems like a great idea. You simply make a profile, message women and they message you back. Eventually you get a phone number and then you meet offline in order to start a beautiful relationship. That sounds great but most men sign up with these sites only to find that they don’t get anywhere. And the women they do end up meeting aren’t the ones they initially tried for. They end up settling because the beautiful women don’t give them the time of day. If this has happened to you, don’t worry, as all you need to do is learn a few internet dating tactics that won’t fail. Once you do that, you’ll find that meeting women online isn’t difficult to do at all.

Internet Dating Tactics That Won’t Fail

Other Men’s Profiles

If you really want to meet women online, you have to separate yourself from everyone else. When you sign on to internet dating sites, you probably search for all the available women. You never search through the men so you never know what you’re up against. To remedy this, occasionally search through the men on the site you’ve chosen. See what pictures they choose and what they put in their profiles. You’ll soon see that most men do exactly what you initially did. They choose bad pictures and they make profiles that make them sound much better than they actually are. Women see right through this and it just doesn’t work.


Creating Mystery

So, to make your profile more attractive to women, you must create mystery. The best way to do this is to use shadow and angles to make your photos look good but ambiguous. Then, with your profile, say just enough to let women know what you’re about and who you’re looking while also making them laugh. Then, at the end of your profile, ask a question or keep it vague and mysterious so that women will email you to answer the question, to ask you what the question meant or to ask you what your profile meant.

If you can do this, you’ll get more messages than you’ve ever had before. Creating mystery is the best internet dating tactic you can use and it won’t fail.


Messaging Women

When it comes to messaging women, read their profiles so that you can say something relevant in the message you write. Women like to know that you’ve read their profiles. It shows you’re not just in it for what they look like. But, if you really want a woman to respond to your message, create mystery. For instance, if the woman you’re interested in says something about going to nursing school, you might say something like, “I read your profile and I know exactly why you entered nursing school. Do you know why?”

This kind of question does three things. It shows you read her profile and that you’re not just focused on her photo, it creates mystery because she’s going to wonder what you’re talking about, and it asks a questions so she feels as though she has to answer you. And that’s all you want: You want her to answer you.

You are only interested in a woman getting into a back and forth conversation with you. During this back and forth, continue to create mystery and continue to ask questions. The more the two of you message back and forth, the more she’ll trust you and you’ll soon be able to meet her in person.

So, to recap, the internet dating tactics that won’t fail include adding a good picture to your profile that sends the proper messages, creating a profile that’s both intriguing and funny, and sending her messages that encourage her to respond so that you can get into a back and forth communication with her.

If you can do that, you’ll never fail at internet dating and you’ll be able to go out with any woman you set your sights on.


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