Meeting Women Online

It’s not difficult to meet women online once you know what they are looking for. No matter what dating site you choose, you must be able to set your profile up so that it attracts as many women as possible. Now, if you don’t consider yourself exceptionally good looking or interesting, you probably can’t imagine attracting as many women as possible.


But you can and you will as long as you create your profile using the following guidelines:

• Choose a photo that puts you in the best light. That means choosing a photo that not only makes you look your best, but also shows you doing things that you think the woman you’re looking for would enjoy or approve of. For instance, if you’re trying to get a professional woman and you take a photo with your shirt off holding a fish next to your sports car, you probably won’t have many professional type woman respond to that.

• Now, it’s important to note that some professional women may respond to that, but you are hurting your chances by using a photo that may alienate any woman you’re interested in. If you’re looking for a professional woman, a photo of you in a suit at some function would be a great idea to use.

• Only use as many photos as you have good ones. That means if you have three good photos, then only use three. You don’t want to include photos that aren’t so great just to have more photos. Even if you only have two good ones, having fewer photos is better than risking a photo that may cause her to click off your profile quicker than you can say ‘not my type’.

• Use shadow and angles to create better pictures. Probably the best advice to give a man looking to pick women up online is to use camera tricks to make your pictures better. You’re just trying to get her to get into a conversation with her. Once she starts that conversation, as long as you carry it on correctly, you’ll be able to pick her up easily. But if she doesn’t like your profile, then she’s not going to message you. And she also won’t respond to you if you message her.

The reason the photograph is so important is because women want to know that you are who you say you are. They don’t want you to say you’re six foot with blonde hair only to find you’re five four with black hair, for instance. They want to know that you fit within their type. That’s why doctoring the photo if you don’t think you’re exceptionally good looking is a great way to go.

While women don’t consider looks to be very important, they still want to know that they find you good looking. Even if you’re not, if you can wow her with your words, you’ll have her. You just have to get that communication started.

• Make your profile vague and funny. When creating your profile, you want it to be like a movie theater preview. It should have her hanging on the edge of her seat and should leave her wanting more.

• Give her just enough attention that she becomes interested and try to make her laugh in the process. This will break the ice and will also let her know you’re different than all the guys that ask her how she’s doing. You’ll be the funny and interesting one and she’s sure to send you a message.

• Finally, when talking to her, get that conversation going. If everything goes right, the two of you will be engaged in conversation with back and forth emails. Make them vague and funny, just like your profile, and always end with a question so that she feels entitled to respond. Once the conversation is going well, get her phone number and call her.

Then, after a little while of talking on the phone, plan a date in a public place so that you can take things to the next level.

That’s how you pick up a woman online and it works every time if you do everything correctly.


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