Once you find the one. The person you enjoy spending time with and decide to continue a relationship. Then the problem you can be faced with is how do we keep this relationship going. There will no doubt be problems on the journey ahead. They may not be as bad compared to some but everyone gets their fair share of down moments. No matter how perfect the relationship can seem. It can be even harder to handle if you get married and have children. So I thought I would share with you some methods of resolve.

Divorce or breaking up

You may wonder why to start with this resolve. But the truth of the matter is if things have gotten so far then this option may be your only choice. However just asking yourself may be able to determine your next move. If you are married, you may want to see some advice from professionals like Miller Bowles Divorce Attorneys. If you just break up then decide the best method to do this. But often, asking yourself this question can pinpoint your true feelings. Most people won’t want to take the drastic action and work on their relationship. So before you do anything, work out if you still want to be in the relationship.


Communication is key

Talking about your issues is one way to resolve any relationship problems. But active communication will only work if both parties get involved. It is no good you spending time discussing how you feel if that other person isn’t listening or engaging in the conversation. Listening is very important, but also having comments and feelings back is the best way to make things work and start again. Communication should be one of the best ways any couple will resolve their relationship issues.


Sometimes acceptance is the only way to move forward

If someone has done wrong in the relationship and forgiveness is on the cards then acceptance is very important. Sometimes you have to accept what your partner is saying and allow yourself to move on.


Letting go can be one of the best things you do

Some people can’t let go of past mistakes. Maybe past relationships your partner has been in play on your mind. The only way a healthy relationship will move on is b everyone letting go. Letting go of grudges and the past can be very empowering to your relationship.


Counselling can help

If you are struggling to communicate and let go of things, then counselling can be a helpful tool. Sometimes just talking to someone who is a neutral party can make the biggest difference. You each get a chance to air your views, and they will discuss ways you can resolve situations. Mostly the communication fails because you don’t speak the right language. This isn’t verbally this is a love language. Some people show their feelings, others say, but if you aren’t telling one in another in the same way it can cause conflict. A councillor will always be able to identify this.

I hope these resolves help you work through any relationship problems you may be facing.


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