Is it that time of the year? If you are a licensed driver but your girlfriend doesn’t know how to drive, you can either decide to send her to a school to learn or teach her on your own. If you want to have the more personal experience of doing this together, there is one bit of advice that can be given instantly: teach her how to drive a manual transmission. There is a certain beauty in the coordination between man and machine that one simply can’t see in a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Teaching Your Girlfriend How To Drive

Of course, there is no shame in going auto. It is just that every driver should be aware of the other end of the spectrum: stick shifts, clutch balancing and the whole business of driving up hills with careful gear shifting. There are a few steps that you could take to ensure that your significant other has a more or less seamless transition into the world of manual gear system usage.


Explain the basics

To a lot of new drivers, the principle of manual transmission is foreign. If your girlfriend already knows how to drive an automatic, she probably thinks that driving is all about pushing one lever to move forward and the other to stop.

Explaining a transmission is a hard task unless you demonstrate. Try using a gear bicycle to show her how lower gears and higher ones have an impact on the work needed to be done to climb hills or accelerate from a standstill. While riding at a higher speed, make her shift down to a lower gear and experience the frantic pedaling we all know so well, and vice versa.

While doing this, make sure she knows why it is important to use a proper gear system. When driving your manual vehicle, make her listen to the engine. She will be able to hear how the sound changes when it is time to shift up a gear.


First time has to be alone

A controlled environment is imperative for the first few times driving. You don’t want to risk her panicking and smashing the accelerator down because someone crossed the street a half-mile away. Look for a deserted parking lot that you can use to your advantage. The most important thing to master is the transition to first gear.

Once she has this down, the rest should come like clockwork. If you want to show her how clutch balance works without killing your own transmission, get a video game controller from an XBOX 360 or One console. Use the firing triggers to show her how to press down on the accelerator and depress the clutch in perfect coordination.


Tarry a while before advancing

Before progressing to things like donuts, reverse and others, make sure your girlfriend has mastered the art of shifting into first and then second gear. Straight driving comes first. After you are sure she is ready for the next test, progress to hills. Pull the e-brake on an uphill gradient and then ask her to climb to the top of the hill. Start with a gradual incline and make it more difficult as time passes.

One thing you can be sure of is that boy or girl, manual learning is going to take a while. After numerous heart attacks, much yelling and at least 20 breakups, you are going to be able to do that road trip the two of you had been planning for years.


Author Bio: This article has been kindly written by the team at EasyAs Driver Training.


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