Even though men are more visual than women and base 90% of their online dating decisions on a woman’s photo, the photo is still crucial to women as well. This means that you need to have excellent photos that are current. In fact, you should consider getting your photo taken professionally because an excellent photo can mean the difference between attracting the attention of that amazing woman or having her completely ignore you.

The Photo: A Crucial Element of a Great Profile

Remember that your goal is to stand out from the crowd and an excellent way to do this is by having your photo professionally taken. Not only does it make you look really good but it also shows that you are serious and also care about details.

For a really excellent photo make sure that you are looking at the camera directly. Any woman who subsequently looks at the photo will feel as if you are looking right at her plus it gives the impression that you have nothing to hide. The latter is also a good reason for you to avoid wearing sunglasses.

Also, make sure to look at where you are shooting the photo. You don’t want to have your action hero collection in the photo, it will make you look childish. Make sure that there is nothing strange in the background of your photo.

Just like you shouldn’t be overtly sexual in your profile or messages, the same rule applies to your photos. Make sure your photos are clean. While you can suggest sensuality such as enjoying something you are eating or lounging by a pool, it shouldn’t be sexual in nature.

While being funny is a great attribute, you don’t want to post silly pictures because silly pictures out of context just make you appear like a fool. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or funny. Take a camera with you and take photos of yourself in funny situations but make sure that it’s clever and doesn’t make you look like a clown.

Another great idea is to post a photo of you and your mom. All women know that if you treat your mother well, you will treat her well too.

However, even if you want to convey that you love children, be careful when posting photos with kids. You don’t want to have to explain they aren’t yours. Plus, you will rarely get to the stage of explaining anything because most women will simply move on.

On the other hand, a great way to show you love kids is with pictures of you and a group of kids engaged in some activity, say like a basketball game or something similar where it’s clear the kids can’t be yours. This will show that kids really like you in general and you like them, but it also shows clearly that they aren’t your children.

Photos are also a great way to show different activities you like to engage in and will help you capture a woman’s imagination. Therefore, a photo of you building a deck will suggest that you are handy around the house, just as a photo of you preparing dinner will make a woman imagine herself in that setting with you as you are preparing an amazing meal for her.

Make sure you also include a photo of you enjoying some time with your friends. This doesn’t mean posting a photo of all of you completely stoned out of your minds at some party because you will be sending the wrong message. However, a photo of you enjoying a basketball game with your friends will kill two birds with one stone. It will show that you are social and masculine as you like doing guy things while also quelling any impression that you are a lone wolf out on the hunt.

Remember that a photo is worth a thousand words, especially in the online dating arena, which is why having a professional photo taken is worth the investment a thousand times over.


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