Whether you are a professional event planner or are looking for a venue personally for your event, where you have it pretty much sets the pace for everything else. It can be one of the most stressful decisions, but it does not have to be. By knowing what you are looking for in a good venue, you are deciding what you need. However, as anyone who is not that adept at organising knows, it can be a lot harder than that. Perhaps this might help fix that.

Modern Facilities

Living in the 21st century means that you need to keep up, even if you might not be a fan of the pace yourself. Your venue needs to be fitted with modern facilities, from good bathrooms to dependable sound and lighting systems. There also needs to facilities for projectors and other appliances if need be. There is no excuse for not being technologically-equipped when it comes to a venue in the millennium, so you need not make compromises there. Your probably will not have to though, since most venues knows this, and are adapting accordingly.


Time Flexibility

Sometimes, you might have to re-schedule or require the event to start earlier or go on later. A venue that offers some wiggle room with time restrictions, is definitely one to consider. Whilst a lot of other factors are important, it is also useful to have a location that is able to accommodate your needs as much as possible. They are certainly not obliged to though, so do not demand, enquire. And handle it tactfully, since you might just get through if you are nice!



You want to make sure that your guests’ vehicles for instance, are safe and secure in the car park. The last thing you should expect is an attack of some kind. Security guards and CCTV cameras are the norm, so whether you are looking for a stand up function venue in Geelong or anywhere else, ask about them. The venue should be able to provide you this information which will be useful to help reassure your guests as well, should they have any qualms.


Consistent Customer Service

Too many venues have started off with a bang, only to fizzle out at the end. And quite early at that too. The reason for that is mainly the lack of consistency. At first, everyone is eager to do their best and work hard, but later on as responsibilities increase, many things get overlooked. A good manager can rectify this situation, resulting in consistent customer service. They should be prompt, problem-solving and vigilant, to help you. And truth be told, people love good customer service.


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