You would have to live under a rock not to hear the term that women like bad boys. Why is this? Bad boys often don’t have good jobs, they’re not responsible, they are into drinking and drugs, and they often cheat on all the women they go out with? Why would a woman want that? It all comes down to human nature, or rather women nature. Women like bad boys because they like a challenge, they think they can change him, they offer excitement and they are often great at giving women what they want.

Why Do Women Love Bad Boys?

A Challenge

Women love a challenge. If you are predictable and you fawn all over a woman, she’s not going to respond to you as much as she’ll respond to someone who is unpredictable, exciting and who makes her work for affection. That doesn’t seem logical. After all, why wouldn’t a woman want to go after the man who has already shown her that he likes her? While it may not make sense, it is woman nature. So if you want to be better with women, try to be unpredictable and exciting like bad boys are. Women love that and they’ll flock to you like you wouldn’t believe.


Changing Men

Women constantly think they can change men. That’s why they always try to redecorate your place, or tell you not to act a certain way, etc. Likewise, women think they can change bad boys to become faithful to them. It goes back to that challenge. They want to be able to conquer the bad boy, and they want to turn him good. The problem is that bad boys don’t want to change and so it’s never going to happen. That’s why so many women end up getting hurt by bad boys, and why those same women keep going back to those guys even though they know it’s hopeless.



This goes back to that predictable thing. Bad boys are anything but predictable. They ride motorcycles and they take risks, they won’t call a woman for days and then they’ll call her out of the blue. While it doesn’t make sense, this is exciting to woman and women respond to this sort of behavior like moths to a flame. Women are much more likely to want to spend time with a man that introduces excitement into their lives and that’s why so many bad boys have so many gorgeous women on their arm constantly.  


Giving a Woman What She Wants

You may think that a woman wants a nice guy, that they want to be treated like a queen and that they want to be complimented all the time. Women don’t want this, however. They want a guy who won’t give them what they want all the time, who will make them work for their affection and they often respond better to men who don’t treat them all that great. It’s no wonder why they say women are from a different planet.

But again, this goes back to that challenge. You don’t have to become a bad boy to be great with women, but you should take on some of their qualities when it comes to dealing with women if you hope to become better with them. Try not being so predictable, make a woman work for your affection, don’t fawn over her and never just needlessly shower her with compliments. If you do that, she’s going to leave you for the first bad boy she meets. You don’t have to change who you are, you only need to take a few plays from the bad boy play book so that you can succeed with women where you’ve failed so many times before.


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