Many women complain that they never find any success with online dating because either the guy they like never responds or the Internet is full of weird guys who can’t get a date the traditional way. If you are one of these women, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the fault may be yours, so maybe you should take a step back and look in the mirror before pointing fingers. Read on to find out if you are making any of these five mistakes that women make online all the time.

5 Things Women Shouldn't Do Online

1.      If you feel that all men looking for a date online are weirdos who can’t get a date any other way, then what are you doing online in the first place? Let’s be realistic. The Internet has become one of the main ways people communicate nowadays and with the hectic lifestyles we all lead, if it weren’t for the net we probably wouldn’t ever meet anyone new… ever! If you print in big bold letters that you think all guys online are strange, what do you think the chances of anyone approaching you are?

2.      Are you looking for a date or an employee? Too many women seem to think that their profile is the place to post a job advert. Listing all the qualities you are looking for in a guy, including his financial status, may seem like a great way to narrow the playing field but all you are doing is turning men off, including the few that may live up to your list. Why? Simple. Who wants to date a gold digger – which is how you will come across – or someone who is so self-absorbed that they can’t see beyond their own needs and desires? Would you?

3.      Ladies, don’t reveal your whole life story in your profile. If your profile looks more like a novel than a short presentation you are hurting yourself twice. First, men have a very short attention span and aren’t going to sit there and read the next Great American Novel. That’s not what they are there for. They want to find a date, not reading material. Secondly, if you reveal everything about yourself in your profile, you take all the fun out of the discovery process at the beginning of a potential relationship. Men like a little mystery, so don’t put all of yourself out there even before you meet the guy.

4.      Playing hard to get may seem like a great way to bag the guy, but you will likely find that waiting five days to answer his message is definitely not the way to go. Not unless you are looking for a guy who is only interested in getting you into bed. A regular guy who wants to build something for the future is not going to take your delayed answer as a challenge, he will just thing you aren’t into him and then move on. So, by time you send your email he may already be connecting with someone else.

5.      Are you being less than truthful with your age and appearance? While the Internet may allow us quite a bit of anonymity and we think it’s a great way for someone to get to know us before they judge based on age and appearance, this strategy always backfires. Why? Well, simply because if you do find someone you connect with and want to meet him, how can he trust you when you have been lying all along about your looks.

If you want to truly find someone to connect with online, then you need to be open and honest, yet at the same time keep enough back so he can discover the mystery that you are. Putting everything out there all at once only makes you appear desperate. Just relax and be yourself.


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