Tips for a Successful First Date

When women agree to go out on a date with a man, there’s already a level of interest happening between them. They’ve both acted on the impulse to explore that interest a little further to see if something might develop.

Many women leave a first date believing everything was great and they can’t wait to see him again. Unfortunately, some men disappear into the sunset, never to pick up the phone and call for a second date.

When this happens, a lot of women will instantly blame themselves and believe they may have done something wrong that could have put him off or scared him away. This kind of negative thinking can sometimes cause a downward spiral of reduced self-esteem, which can then make it even harder to meet the right guy for you.

Before you start thinking you’ve done something wrong, there are some occasions when a man simply isn’t right for you. If a guy decides not to pursue a relationship with you after one date, chances are he wasn’t the right guy for you anyway. In fact, he was probably doing you a favor, as you’re not wasting time on someone that won’t work out, but you’re now free for Mr. Right to appear in your life.

Of course there are some women who really do make a few mistakes on a first date that could put a damper on a potentially good relationship. Here are some tips to improve any first date for both of you.


1. Negativity

During a first date, keep any negative comments you have to yourself. Nobody wants to hang out with a negative person. Even small complaints about how bad you find online dating or how many losers you’ve already met in the past can set off a red flag to a man and make him start looking for the door.

Look for the positive in everything. Even if your meal is sub-standard, try to find a bright side or something humorous about it. It will brighten the date for both of you.


2. Alcohol

If your first date involves a meal and you’re offered a glass of wine, think carefully before you accept. Even though you might feel a huge level of attraction for the man sitting with you, do you really want to cloud your judgment with alcohol? After all, this guy is still technically a stranger and you’re just getting to know each other.

It’s true that alcohol can reduce inhibitions. Men know this and they hope you’ll lower your own inhibitions far enough so they might try their chances at something you might otherwise not do. Unfortunately, alcohol can also make some people say things they wouldn’t otherwise say.  Perhaps avoiding that glass of wine on a first date is a good idea.


3. Keep the Past in the Past

Nobody wants to hear about how badly your ex treated you or how much of a stinker he was – especially not another guy while you’re out on a first date. This is also true for how bad your childhood or your job or you past relationships might have been. Leave your baggage firmly in the closet, under lock and key at home, while you go out and enjoy your date.


4. Conversation

You already know all about you. If you feel the urge to make sure your date knows all about you too, you’re removing the thrill of the chase for him. After all, if you tell him everything on a first date, what else is there for him to find out about you?

If he asks a direct question about you, of course it’s fine to enlighten him. Until he asks, though, perhaps try asking a few questions about him so you get to learn about the man you’re on a date with.


5. Leave When The Going’s Good

No matter how much you’re enjoying yourself on your first date, know when to leave. If you leave on a high note when you’re both mutually having fun, you increase the chances of him wanting to contact you and ask you out on another date. You’ll both remember that the first date went well and it will increase positive associations for each of you.


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