Dating Fox is your leading dating site for women of all ages and creed. Samantha Bradbury, our resident love doctor and dating expert is offering her extensive knowledge and advice to help you find your dream man. If you are struggling to find the man of your dreams it might be because of your misinterpretation of the male gender. Men are wired differently to women and the more you know about the way they think, act and feel, the easier you will find love and happiness with the other sex.

Our dating advice puts the fun back into dating. Our relationship advice and dating tips will turn your stale love life into a fun-driven adventure.

Who We Are

Sam, our ladies love guru is helping women understand why they currently fail to find true love, while Andrew our expert resident will lend the men a helping hand to find the woman of their dreams. Both Samantha and Andrew have dealt with plenty of dating disasters and are dedicated to helping you with your dating questions.  Sam and Andrew know the pain and frustrations of a haphazard relationship. They are committed to helping you find true love. They have combined their extensive dating knowledge and launched Dating Fox as a portal for women and men. Their sound advice is based on personal experience. Hopefully it will help you find love.

Dating Advice to Find Your Romeo, Your Hero

You can find a range of useful dating tips and advice on Dating Fox. The information on our site is presented by two dating experts with years of experience in the “trenches.” You will also find that Samantha has a knack for writing in an engaging and fun way. Her advice is presented with plenty of humor.

Her tips work. She will make you laugh. She will make you cry. She will help you to sort through the mess.

Written by a Woman for Women

Samantha offers her no-fuss expertise on the subject of men to help you understand why some of them are jerks, and others seem too nice to be true. You will be surprised by some of the insights offered by Sam. Sam shares everything. She doesn’t hold back. You will learn things like:

  • How to flirt effectively
  • What men really want
  • The biggest dating mistakes women tend to make
  • Pros and cons of online dating
  • and much more…

How Women Can Benefit from Dating Fox

As a regular reader of Dating Fox, and a self-respecting woman you will soon start to see a measurable difference in the way you date. You deserve to meet the man of your dreams; if you have enough of being played by jerks; if you’ve dated one womanizer too many; if you are over men who fail to commit to a real relationship, then Dating Fox is your dating network to come to for expert advice.

When you become a regular reader of Dating Fox you won’t have to settle for second best. We are your go-to-guide for gaining that unique connection with the man of your dreams.