If you want to build a strong relationship with your man, you need to be able to get him to commit and open up to you. Men aren’t used to expressing their feelings so openly and so it may be tough getting you to tell them what’s wrong. But by following a few cues, you can typically find out what’s bothering him so that you two can build a stronger relationship that’s sure to last.

Building a Strong Relationship

The first complaint most women have when it comes to relationships is that the man is ignoring her. This is a cue that can be misinterpreted in many ways. Many women think that when a man is ignoring her, he no longer loves her or no longer finds her attractive. That’s not true. Of course, it could be true, but more than likely it means he’s just comfortable having you around. When men are comfortable, they don’t feel as though they have to work as hard to gain your affection. So they stop bringing you flowers and telling you how pretty you are, etc. They don’t do it purposely, they are only responding to how their brains work. Therefore, you have to do a little urging so that you can get him to tell you exactly what you want.

You must tell your man that the two of you have to talk. Now, be careful. Men hate those words, “We have to talk.” To them, it usually means they’re about to get yelled at. And they’re usually right. So instead of telling them that you two have to talk, tell them that you want to ask them something. Make sure you get his full attention. Do not pick the middle of the game, or whatever else he’s engrossed in, to make the announcement. If there’s tension already, doing that won’t help a thing and you’ll only end up causing him to shut down. Instead, choose a time that’s quiet and where two can be alone to talk. Even if you have to wait for several days, this is important because the time has to be exactly right if you hope to turn him around.

When talking to him, if he’s unable to look you in the eye, he may be hiding something. You can usually gauge how he feels about you by the way he looks at you. However, he could be tired or stressed, too. You can’t cancel those types of things out. So look into his eyes and judge how he’s feeling. Then ask him about these things.

Men aren’t used to talking but talking is very cathartic. He’ll instantly feel better if you can get him to talk, and the two of you will be closer because of it, too.

If he completely shuts down, then something is really bothering him. This would only be cause for concern if he was never like that before. If he was always kind of an internal type person, then having him go internal during your relationship isn’t necessarily a red flag. However, if he used to adore you and now he hardly says two words to you, that’s a serious problem.

This could mean that he’s angry at you for something, or it could mean that he has his mind on someone else. Only you will be able to gauge this by talking to him.

It’s important to note that you should never, at any time during your talk, yell or accuse him of anything. This talk is all about sharing. It’s not about fighting. Try and have a good talk, get him to talk about what’s bothering him, and then have lots of makeup sex. That’s great advice for building a strong relationship, whether things have been hectic or they’re been great. A relationship is all about communication and any relationship without communication isn’t worth saving.


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