If you’ve been seeing a man and you want things to be more serious, you must tread carefully or else you could end up losing him forever. Men don’t like to feel trapped and they will usually flee at the first sign that they’ll become trapped. To become trapped means to be put into a relationship before they’re ready. Therefore, you can’t hint that you want a relationship or, dare you say, marriage too early on or else you may never hear from him again. But only you can gauge when the time is right. There is no tried and true method for knowing when the right time is to have that talk. But generally you should have it only after both of you have showed signs that you are great together.

Going From Casual to Committed

If you have no idea whether or not he is ready for a strong relationship, as in he’s never brought it up or asked you to be his girlfriend, you will need to hint about it if you want it to happen. Some men are very forthcoming about wanting you to be their girlfriend. They’ll ask you right away without hesitation. Some men don’t say it so freely, even if they want it. They may not want to ruin a good thing, or they not be completely sure that they’re ready for a relationship, etc. They need a little urging. Therefore, you’re going to have to come up with a good way to hint that you want to go from casual to committed without being so obvious.

A good way to do this is to wait until the two of you agree on something. When you do, say something like the two of you are so great together. Then say, of course you’re the smart one so that you mix a little humor into it. That will at least lay the seed so that you can bring it up later on. Now, if he says, “We are great together,” then that’s a great time to bring it up. But if he doesn’t say anything like that, it’s best to leave it at a hint so that you can mention it again.

Another good way to get him to go from casual to committed is to make sure he’s not seeing anyone else. You might want to ask him if he’s seeing another person. If he’s not very forthcoming, then there may be someone else and he may not want to commit to you. That very well could happen and you must prepare yourself for it when you ask that type of question.

If he’s not seeing anyone else, and it’s been a while since you two have been going out, it’s ok at that point to ask about becoming committed. There’s also no rule about whether the man or the woman should ask the other to commit to them, but that person will just know it when the time is right.

If he says no, but that he still wants to date you, you have to decide then and there whether you want to continue with the relationship. Sometimes, breaking up with someone will make them realize how important you were to them. But the bottom line is that if you want a committed relationship, and that person doesn’t, by staying in that relationship you are wasting your time. The more time you stay in that relationship, the less time you’ll get to spend in a relationship that fulfils you. So consider whether or not the relationship is worth continuing for your own happiness.

But the more you hint that you want to go from casual to committed, and the more you gauge how he feels about you so that you know the time is right, the closer you’ll be to a fulfilling relationship with the man you love.


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