The end of a relationship is a horrible time for everyone involved. Things can be even harder if the breakup is a bad one. Maybe one of you has cheated, or one of you wants the relationship to carry on. There are so many reasons why a breakup can go badly. It’s even worse when that breakup is a marriage. Marriage is not an easy thing to walk away from. Divorce is a horrible time, and it can show you the person you once loved in a whole new light. The thing to remember is that you are both hurting, and pain does strange things to people. It’s important you keep your head in a positive place to get through those hard divorce days.


Don’t allow yourself to get drawn into arguments with your ex. You are undertaking an ugly divorce, and he is going to try and make you look bad at every opportunity. He’s also hurting and will want to make you feel as bad as he can. Don’t get pulled into negative communication. Block him on your phone and social media accounts if he won’t stop trying to contact you. Use friends as mediators. It may seem like a callous move, but it’s better than having the same unhelpful argument every time the two of you speak. In terms of your divorce, look into getting a divorce lawyer if you can’t speak civilly to each other. This is a double edged sword. Don’t be the one doing the harassing. Don’t try and pull your ex into an argument just to get a rise from him. Accept that it’s best the two of you don’t speak.



You’re going to have to collect your belongings at some point. Arrange to visit the house when you know it will be empty. Bumping into each other is going to be painful enough. Seeing you pack your things is a hurt no ex should have to go through. It’s also important that you give yourself the time and space to say goodbye to your house. Appreciate that it’s the last time you will be in your home, and say a mental goodbye to that part of your life. Doing this can set you off on a great foot for moving forward with your life.



Once you’ve managed to disentangle yourself from that relationship, take some time for you. In many ways, the end of a relationship leads to a period of mourning. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be fine straight away. Take time to mourn what was, and to feel the hurt. Burying an emotion like that will leave you living with it for much longer. Watch films about strong, independent woman. Eat chocolate. Do all the cliched things we’re meant to do after a breakup. Then, when you feel ready, get up and move to the next stage of your life!


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