If you’re reading this, it’s like that one of two things is going on: Either you have a man in mind who you’d like to seduce, or you feel that you don’t have much luck with men and would like to increase your seduction skills. The good news is that both cases can be helped with a few easy lessons. The bad news is that seduction can only be done when the man is physically attracted to you.

How to seduce men

Now, you don’t have to look like a model for him to be attracted to you. He doesn’t have to be head over heels in love with you, but there should be some attraction there. When you start flirting with him, which is one of the steps of seduction, you will soon learn whether or not he’s attracted to you. If he’s not, it’s best to move on. If he is attracted to you, however, and he responds to your flirting, you’ll see that you are only a few steps away from seducing him completely. Seduction isn’t difficult, after all. It just requires knowing how to seduce.



Flirting is the primary weapon a woman has when she wants to seduce men. Flashing a smile, winking at him, laughing at his jokes, putting a hand on his chest, or his arm when talking to him, and even leaning into him when you’re talking are all great ways to get a man to know you like him. They will really get his juices flowing and then you’ll know you can move onto the next step in seduction. If the man doesn’t respond to your flirting, don’t take it as rejection. He just may be having a bad day, or he just got over a bad breakup. Either continue flirting in order to practice your flirtation skills or move onto another man who will respond.


Sexual Tension

In order to seduce men, you must build sexual tension. This is that energy that exists between a man and a woman and it’s a very powerful feeling. You’ll know right away if you’re building sexual tension or not and that’s when you know things are going as they should be. Men who feel sexual tension with another woman usually can’t hide it. They’ll get a look on their faces that tell you they’re really into you and they will likely start pursuing you more. Sometimes they may even try right then and there to take things to the next step. They’ll ask for your number or email address, or they may even try to get you to go home with them.



In order to seduce men effectively, that sexual tension has to be built up so that the man can’t think straight anymore. He must be driven so crazy by you that he’ll do anything to get your number or to get you into bed. But you have to hold back. You can’t give him what he wants. If you do that, the sexual tension will dissipate and all your work will be for nothing. If your goal was to have sex with him, after you’ve built up the tension for a while is a good time to do it because you’ll both likely be really worked up at that point.

But if your goal is to date him, and to make him wait for sex until the timing is right, then you must string him along while building that tension more and more along the way. If all of this is done correctly, you’ll be able to seduce men whenever the mood hits you.


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