If you like a man, it can be hard to let him know you’re interested in him. After all, you can’t just walk up to him and tell him you like him. Well, of course you could but you might get rejected. Just like men are fearful of walking up to women out of fear of rejection, many women share the same fear. But even if you’re not afraid of rejection, just walking up to a man and telling him you’re interested may make it appear as if you’re easy or as though you’re throwing yourself at him. However, if you want to let him know how you feel and you want to do it on a more subtle level, read on and find out how.

Show Him That You're Interested


One of the best ways to let a man know you’re interested is by flirting with him. Whether you walk up to him, he walks up to you, or the two of you are simply standing in line at the grocery store, striking up a conversation with lots of smiling, laughing and skin to skin contact are perfect ways to let him know how you feel. When you flirt with him, you’ll want your body language completely open. That means you should uncross your arms and legs and that you should face him with your body. Joke with him and touch his arm when the both of you laugh. Not only will this tell him you like him, but it will build sexual tension between you two, which can be very exciting.



Men sometimes take a long time to catch on to things, especially when it comes to reading women’s signals. For that reason, sometimes you’ll have to drop little suggestions or hints that let him know what your intentions are. For example, if you’ve been flirting for some time and he hasn’t tried to ask for your number or ask you out, you may want to ask him if he’s ever seen a particular movie that’s playing. If he hasn’t, you should say something about the two of you going. You can usually gauge by his own body language whether or not he’s responding to your flirting, and whether he’s willing to go to the next level. If he is sending all the signals, but he’s not taking action, he may just be shy. So drop some hints and see where he takes it.


He’s Not Interested

It very well may be the case that you flirt with a man and drop suggestions and he doesn’t respond. He may flirt back but he doesn’t take the bait when you suggest the two of you should go out. This could be for a number of reasons. He may be in a relationship already, he may not be interested in you, or he may be clueless as to your intentions.

You can determine if he’s in a relationship by asking about his girlfriend. He will usually let you know if he is in a relationship or not. If he’s not in a relationship and he still doesn’t respond, he may just not be interested. And that happens. When that does happen, it’s best to just move on and try these tips on a man who will respond to your advances.


Beating Him Over the Head

If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s responding like crazy to your flirting, and he hasn’t acted on any of your suggestions, he may be one of those guys who is clueless about women’s signals. If this is the case, you may have to step your flirting up a notch to really beat him over the head with it, or you can ask him out.

There are lots of ways to show him you’re interested, but these tips are perfect for any situation and will let you know pretty quickly if his feelings are reciprocated or not.


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