Is Your Body Language Saying No Even If Your Mind is Screaming Yes?

Women don’t realize exactly how much weight body language carries when they are trying to show a man they are interested. Men are very visual creatures and even if your voice is saying “yes, I am interested” they will still take your body language into account and it often carries more weight than what you are saying.

Why? Simply because most women won’t come straight out and say that they are interested in a man. They will skirt the issue and hope that he will catch on to various signals that, usually, are the wrong ones. This confuses men and he will sit there wondering if he should listen to what you vocalizing or what your body is saying.

The problem is that women are still rather subservient in our society, even if it is a subject that is avoided in an attempt to be politically correct. This means that most women are still seeking approval from everyone around them which often makes them extremely nervous when talking to men. However, most men are not so in tune with women that they understand she is simply nervous. They take her different postures and actions as being a sign that she isn’t interested.

So, if you catch yourself doing the following things, even if it’s simply because you are nervous, you need to quell your nerves if you ever want to get further than “hello.”


1.      Do you look away? Is your nervousness making you look everywhere except at him? Most men will simply take this as a sign that you are not interested. It will never cross their minds that you are simply shy or nervous about making a good impression.

You need to be open and look at him. If you look straight at him and make eye contact you will be projecting your interest silently. This is a great way to also show a man you like that you are open to him coming over and talking to you. So, if you want to attract a man then you need to show him your interest by looking at him more than once. One look means that you may be interested, two or more will let him know that you are definitely open to him coming over and striking up a conversation.

2.      Check your posture. When people are nervous they tend to sit or stand with their arms folded across their chest. You need to open up your body posture and not give the impression you are about to flee. Few men will realize this has anything to do with your insecurity. They will simply believe they are boring you to tears and you can’t wait to get away, or that you simply aren’t interested.

3.      Fidgeting is also a killer. Even if you are fidgeting because you are simply nervous or intimidated, he will just think that you are bored and would love nothing better than to escape his company. Yes, even if you absolutely adore him and can’t believe he is actually talking to you. Remember that men have their own insecurities and need to be encouraged.


Fidgeting will only make him doubt himself and your interest in him. However, if you give him your undivided attention, no matter how nervous you may be, your body language will be in line with what you are thinking, namely that you are really enjoying his company.

You need to realize how important body language is and how a small gesture can be the difference between being asked out on a date and being ignored. After all, men, just like women, don’t want to embarrass themselves by being shot down by someone they may be interested in. So, if you don’t show him you are open to him then he won’t approach you.


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