Love falls apart all the time. Sometimes relationships end for the right reasons. Sometimes they end for the wrong ones. If the breakup wasn’t a mutual one, you’re going to want to do everything you can to get your ex back. Time away from a relationship is essential if that’s the case. Take the breakup as an excuse to look at the relationship in a new light. If, after thinking things over, you still want him back, get to work. Getting your ex back isn’t as hard as you think. Following these tips could see love coming back to you.



Putting yourself out there is the best way to make him see what he’s missing. Do this without looking like you’re trying. If you keep turning up where he is, you’re going to look desperate. Social media is the best way to show him what you’re up to. Putting yourself out there doesn’t mean going on a lot of dates. If you do that, he’ll assume you’ve moved on. That’s not how to get your ex back now. No, putting yourself out there means that you shouldn’t mope around waiting for him. A confident, happy woman is bound to be more attractive. Sign up for night classes. Go out with friends. Paint yourself as independent and see what happens.



One dating mistake women always make is to act too keen. Contacting your ex is one such mistake. If he ended it, he probably needs time away from you. Giving him that space is the best thing you can do. If you’re meant to be, he’ll come back to you once he’s had that time to think. If you call him all the time, he won’t get the thinking space he needs and may start seeing you as a nuisance. Carry on doing what you’re doing, and let him do the chasing. Guys don’t like a girl who seems too keen, especially after he’s called things off. Carry on putting yourself out there. The chances are he won’t be able to resist getting in contact.



No guy can resist a new look. Not only will a makeover show your ex that you’re a strong woman, but it’s also likely to draw him back to you. What better way to get his attention than making yourself look and feel gorgeous? Get a new hairstyle and stock up on some new additions to your wardrobe. And don’t forget to take those all important selfies!

If you do all this and still don’t hear from him, it’s time to move on. Maybe he didn’t think it was meant to be, even if you did. A relationship that isn’t mutual is never going to be easy. Know when to stop trying and move on when that time comes. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you did your best. If your best isn’t enough, then that guy doesn’t deserve you!


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