If you’re tired of dating men who are immature and you want one who is responsible and who actually wants an adult relationship, you’ll need to look for signs that he’s actually grown up. Some men have this Peter Pan complex where they want to stay young as long as possible. They don’t want to settle down and instead want to continue going out with their friends drinking. Men like this usually don’t have stable jobs, or if they do they don’t take them seriously. That’s not the kind of man who you want to get into a serious relationship with or else you’ll just end up getting hurt. So pay attention to the following tips and you’ll be able to spot the men from the boys.

How can you spot the boys from the men?


One of the biggest ways to spot a man from the boys is to ask him what his hopes and dreams are. If he talks of bettering himself and shares his realistic goals with you, then it’s likely that he’s a man and he would be a good match for you; provided that he has everything else you’re looking for. If, however, he talks about goals that are unrealistic or, worse, he shrugs at the question like he’s never thought of it before, that’s a boy and you should turn and run. No matter how good looking, funny or sexy that man is, he will never fulfil your needs because he can’t even fulfil his own needs. Not having goals is a huge red flag when it comes to choosing the right man from all the wrong men.



How does he spend his time when he’s not working? Does he spend it on hobbies, or, again, does he spend it trying to better himself, or does he spend it with the boys drinking beer? Does he drink more than he tries to better himself? Does he pay more attention to his car than he does to his own responsibilities? The way a guy spends his free time can tell you a lot about him. It will let you know if he’s responsible or if he’s still a little boy trapped in a man’s body.



Now, the amount of money a man has won’t tell you whether he’s a man or a boy. There are many responsible men who don’t have much money. They may have a lot of debt, or they just may have low paying jobs. However, the way a man spends his money will tell you a lot about him. If he doesn’t have a lot of money but you find out he spent three thousand dollars on a part for his car, that will let you know that he doesn’t have his priorities straight. Especially if when you go to his house there’s very little food in the fridge, you’ll know he’s really irresponsible. However, you should never just come out and ask a man how much money he has or what he spends his money on. Instead, listen to what he says. Sooner or later, he’ll mention something he’s passionate about or proud of. If it has to do with money, pay attention to what he says.

By asking a guy about his lifestyle, about what he does on his off time or about his goals, you can determine if that man truly is a man or if he’s nothing more than a little boy.

So now you see that spotting the men from the boys is actually quite easy as long as you ask the right questions and pay attention to the things he says. Sooner or later, all boys will give themselves away and that’s not the kind of man you want to date if you want it to go anywhere.


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