Do you ever find that you can’t seem to attract the really good looking men to approach you? Perhaps you have a friend or know someone who always seems to have men pursuing them, even without seeming to do anything overt to warrant that kind of attention.

Top Four Ways to Attract Men to You

Some women seem to have a natural magnetism that draws men to them and makes men want to seek out their attention. Unfortunately, other women can’t seem to find a way to make men even notice they exist.

This huge disparity between how successful women can be with men while others aren’t makes us believe that we might not be pretty enough, or we’re not thin enough, or that we have the wrong colored hair or our bra size is inadequate, or a myriad of other things. Each of these things is a form of insecurity about something we perceive about ourselves that could be repelling men and making it harder to meet the right guy.

So how do those man-magnets do it? How do they really attract that kind of attention from men, even when they’re not so pretty or thin or young or special?

When you ask men what they look for, they might give you a list of physical attributes as long as their arm, but in reality the types of women they chase often don’t have these things. They have an allure that is much deeper than physical appearance and it’s something all women can learn.

Here are the top four things you can do to attract men to you:



A self-confident woman is happy with who she is and exudes an air of positivity that men adore. The key to showing confidence is learning to accept that you are uniquely you. Nobody else gets the right to be you, and that’s something to be proud of.

Unfortunately, when you look in the mirror, you see a skewed version of yourself that isn’t the same as how other people see you. In fact, you probably have no idea how attractive you really are.

When you’re out in a crowd, stand tall and be proud to be you. Don’t hunch your shoulders or fold your arms over your chest. Smile and realize that confidence is attractive all by itself.



The power of a smile should never be underestimated. When you smile, your entire face can change to show a happier version of you. You become more approachable and you become more appealing to men.

Men find happy women very attractive. A happy, good-natured woman is far less likely to complain or to find fault in everything he does or to blame him for how badly she’s feeling that day.

Find ways to include activities in your life that make you feel good and keep you feeling happy about your life. Your happy feelings will begin to show in your attitude and you’ll become more attractive to men as a result.


Look Your Best

Despite the fact that men seem to say they prefer specific physical traits in women, did you know that they really don’t care how tall you are or what color your hair is or how thin you are?

What they do care about is that you are looking after what you have. It shows you have pride in your appearance, which is a form of confidence all on its own.

When you go out, take a little time to get your hair looking right. Wear clothes that flatter you and ignore silly fashions or colors that just don’t fit your body shape.

Besides, when you’ve made an effort to look good, you’ll automatically feel good too, and this will show in your body language to anyone who’s watching.


Body Language

Always be aware of your body language. There are so many subtle cues you can send out with your body that can either attract a man to come right up to you, or send him running in the opposite direction.

Smiling is a great start, as it makes you more approachable and more appealing instantly. Simple little actions, like playing with your necklace or your hair, might seem harmless, but they can actually send subliminal messages out to men that tell him you want him to come over and say hi.

Another great body language tip is to make eye contact with a man who interests you. Your eyes have the power to invite him over, give him a subtle hint that you’re interested too or let him know you’re terrified and want to run away and hide.

The next time you go out and see an attractive man you’d love to meet, keep these simple tips in mind. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to attract men to you when you know what they’re really looking at.


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