Most women have no idea what men really want when it comes to finding the right partner. There seems to be a misconception that all men want to find the stereotypical blonde Barbie-doll look-alike and have no interest in anything deeper than the physical appearances.

What Men Really Want

Of course this isn’t true. Men are just as keen to find a good woman to love who will also love him in return. This much is proven by the sheer number of men who will do anything to keep the relationship going if they believe they’ve found a person they believe to be right for them.


Is It All About Looks?

As shallow as some women might believe it to be, all men want to find a woman who is attractive and appealing to them. All men have different tastes and different values, so they will aim at finding a good woman who is attractive in their eyes.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s just about how pretty you are or how thin you are. In fact, many men are openly repelled by stick-figure women, often finding under-weight women to be less feminine than their curvy counterparts.

When you ask a man what they really find attractive in any woman, they’ll respond that confidence is a big draw card, closely followed by taking pride in her appearance without being too vain about it.


Is It Just About Making Him Feel Good?

Men also make it very clear that they want to spend time with a woman who can make him feel good. This doesn’t mean giving him special favors in the bedroom. It means being the woman who makes him feel good when he’s in your company.

For most men, this attribute can be boiled down to finding a woman who has good sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Consider this: would you enjoy spending time with someone who constantly found fault in everything, complained about things and found a way to feel negatively about anything even remotely bad that had happened to him? Negative people can be emotionally draining.

Now think about how energized and happy you feel when you’re spending time with someone who is often up-beat, happy and positive. This is the kind of attitude men enjoy most in women. It makes them want to spend more time with them.


Does He Want One of the Boys?

While a lot of men will state a preference for women who can fit in with their own sense of humor and social preferences, women take this to mean he wants her to be ‘one of the boys’.

When asked directly, plenty of men make it very clear that when they’re not working, they want to relax and have some fun. This includes socializing and dating, and men have no desire to spend fun-time under stress or pressure.

Unfortunately some women take this to mean that they should act just like his buddies and really become one of the boys. There’s nothing feminine or attractive about a girl who swears, burps, farts or guzzles beer just like the rest of the boys.

Finding a woman who is able to socialize along with the boys, yet still retain her sense of femininity is a highly attractive trait to these men.


Does He Want the Thrill of the Chase?

Women seem to believe that men are only into the dating scene for the thrill of the chase. While there is some basis to this, once a man believes he’s found the right woman for him, he doesn’t want to keep chasing.

He wants to know you’ve accepted him for who he is and he would prefer to find a woman who is trustworthy and honest about her feelings towards him.


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