Many women despair that all men seem to want are women with stereotypical features. The image that pops into a woman’s mind of what a man would find attractive is a big-busted 80 lb girl with long, flowing blonde hair.

Women who don’t fit this physical stereotype tend to beat themselves up for not being attractive enough to men. This can affect their self-esteem levels and confidence levels.

Physical Attraction

However, what these women don’t know is that many men don’t like 80 lb women. There are men out there who don’t like blonde hair and men who simply don’t know what they really like.

The good news is, there are some things that every man finds attractive in women, regardless of how tall, short, fat, thin, young or old you might be. These signs of physical attraction have absolutely nothing to do with what you look like and more to do with appealing to his sub-conscious mind.



When a man sees a confident woman who is sure of who she is and what she wants, it’s highly attractive to him. He can pick out a confident woman from across a crowded room simply by the way she stands, her posture and her facial expressions.

The next time you go out, make an effort not to cross your arms over your chest. Don’t hide your hands in your pockets and don’t hunch your shoulders over. Stand tall and hold your head high. Remember to smile and keep in mind that confidence is very attractive, while arrogance is just a turn off, so don’t cross the fine line between the two.



Men enjoy being with positive women. These are the girls who have a way of seeing the best in any situation and are able to shrug off minor negative issues with a smile.

A big part of being positive is shown on the outside by an open, friendly face. Smile and make a point not to frown. Try to look for a bright side in every situation and you’ll soon find that you’ve become one of those attractive, positive women that men adore.



While a man might secretly desire to become a big part of your life, it drives men wild with desire to see an independent woman doing her own thing. This could be something as simple as running your own career and your household at the same time as juggling a social calendar.

A woman who is already happy with her own life is somewhat of a challenge to men and they’ll work hard to become an important part of your busy life.



Biologically speaking, a man is more likely to be attracted to a girl with a bit of a social life that happens without him. This is because on a primal level, he wants to know that if a relationship does happen between you, he can trust that you’ll keep the social calendar active while he’s out providing for the family at work.



Men are turned on by various smells and scents. If you smell good, it can really intoxicate a man and drive him wild for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should bathe in strong, overpowering perfumes.

A simple, subtle aroma of clean skin and hair, coupled with a very light dusting of a vanilla, musk or lavender perfume is enough to arouse his interest in you.


Red for Love

It’s a proven fact that women who wear red are far more likely to be asked out on a date than women wearing other colors. Perhaps the reason for this is that red could be the color associated with love and romance. It could also be that red is the color linked to primal instincts regarding sex.

Or it might just be that women who are confident enough in themselves to wear such a bold color are displaying the self-assurance, positivity and confidence that men are so deeply attracted to.


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